Really! what the heck! – Bullcrap007's feedback and discussion on Raiding

This game is new and exciting until you waste your time later on in the game! I cannot beat anyone with a higher team power than me but players with less team power and WAY weaker troops beat me and get revenge all the time. It sucks!

Here is a player who got revenge and there is NO way this person could beat me. At all! My team power is 2663 and my weakest troop is a 6. What the heck is going on? The creators of this game should actually go out and get in a fight and the game might actually be fair. And people wouldn’t be leaving all the time if a little more fairness was put into the game.

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That is his defense team, quite obviously a cup dropper. You cannot see which team he used to attack you.


A little bit of searching through the forums and the wiki will surely give you the answer you seek.


You really need to make a difference between defense team and attack team.
We don’t use our defense team to attack.

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Glad you said it

Definitely gets repetitive when we have to explain this everyday…


Game is 2 years old and worth like 800 mill

But yes they asbolutely should follow your expert advice on how to build a succesful mobile game…


One good way to tell what possible heroes someone might have is to look at their level. There is no way someone who is at level 31 only has a team power of 1419. It takes a lot of grinding to get to that level and most likely they are going to have a least a full team of 4 stars

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This thread is bullcrap’s.

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I understand your feelings…and felt that way myself at the beginning.

Then I discovered the forums, and all the information and help available here, and I was amazed at the things I was not aware of in the game! Oh I was SOOOOOO wrong on so many levels of things!

The other thing That has been invaluable is finding a good alliance, with members who are more experienced and willing to help and train newer players learn all the many things in this game…if you expressed this “unfair” raiding to your team mates, and none of them set you straight in what is actually happening there, it may be time to look for a different group that has a little more knowledge and experience playing.


They cup dropped you Hun.
I was fooled too when I was younger. Couldn’t understand why anyone would just put one hero as their defense team. Easy peasy. Yeah right! He came back for revenge and handed me my butt!

Always look at their level and cups when considering attacking. If it looks too good to be true (i.e. only a very low team for a level 31 player), it usually is!


Sorry mate, how much experience do you have with this game? I really hope you are not under the impression that he used that team to avenge you. As you surely had noticed that player that revenged you is a level 31, which means he has been playing for at least 6 month. That means that even if he is F2P (spends no money on the game), he has at the very least 10 maxed 4* heroes. But he might just as well have a full maxed 5* team, depending on his luck. His current defense team is made of the leftovers of TC13 or 20. By setting that defense team he intends to get weaker players to attack him so that he intentionally looses a great amount of cups (cup dropping) and then be able to easily revenge them and fill his hero chest in the process without loosing any battle. He is doing this because, the more and the faster you fill the monster, hero and titan chests, the faster the ascension materials filled elemental (colored) chests will appear.


Here’s me:

Here’s them:

Are you asking about the match itself? Did you lose a raid to them? Did they attack you?

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This is happening often in Raids and im losing the first round which is costing me 38 or more points but then im winning the next really fast and only winning 11 or so. What’s going in?

You’re running slow heroes and they’re AOE. That’s the problem. They’re not likely to fire in a raid, you can’t concentrate your fire to knock out any problem defenders, and they’re all super squishy, so a bad board can end up burying you.


This is an excellent thread that may help you improve your odds!


You might want to check out these:

the raid team architecture here:


Is anyone else tired of the raids being fixed? I just lost 5 out of 6 raids to teams WAAAAY weaker than me and their players seem to be able to kill me in one shot but I’m hitting them twice with the same character. And how many times is the board only going to give me 1 or 2 matches but the opposing team players all get a shot for my 1 or 2. Its Disguisting how this game cheats!