I am lost.. What should I do with my heroes

Im abit lost in the game now…
I am a 36 level F2P player. Playing for about 10 months now.
In this playing time my heroe roaster looks like this:

5* :
Misandra 3/70 ;
Delilah 3/70 ;
Sartana 3/70 ;
Aegir 2/60 .

4* :

Little John 4/70 ;
Wu Kong 4/70 ;
Tiburtus 4/70 ;
Li Xiu 4/70 ;
Kashhrek 4/70 ;
Rigard 4/09;
Kiril 3/60 ;
Grimm 3/60 ;
Chao 3/60 ;
Melendor 3/60 ;
Gormek 3/60 .

Also I have these heroes:

5* :
Kadilen 0 ;
Justice 0 ;
Domitia 0 .

4* :
Sonya 0 ;
Boril 0 ;
Colen ;
Kalile ;
Skittleskull 0 .

And now I have no idea what to level up. I thought about Justice - but its a slow heroe. Now I need advice about Kadilen and Domitia. And maybe I need some 4* as well.

Help me :c

IMO since you are F2P, I would definitely focus on expanding your 4* bench rather than your 5*. The ascension mats needed for 5* take a long time to save up for and you can lose a lot of efficiency rather than having a robust 4* bench that will increase your odds at getting those ascension mats.

More specifically, I would prioritize maxing all those 3/60 4* first, and then begin with the 0 level 4*s. All of them are highly useful in all aspects of the game. I think you’ll find the game more enjoyable once you have options to add depth to your gameplay.

On a side note, out of your 5*s Delilah, Misandra, and Sartana are top notch. The others I wouldn’t go as far as 3.70 until you have enough mats and no other options.


Finish Rigard, Kiril and Grimm. Those 3 are instrumental in beating players in raids and wars and setting good defenses for the same content.

Try Wu, Kiril, Grimm, LJ and Melendor for attack. You’ll be able to beat nearly any team with that tile damage combo. Kiril dragon banner + Wu cascading tiles into defense down heroes from Grimm is divine. Adding the Green stack will give you high tile damage in Melendor, a debuff and mana suppression from LJ.

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I agree with the other replies, and would add this.

If you get the mats to max her, justice is a nasty tank… worth the mats for you i think. Only at max tho. Finish 4*'s until you have 6 darts.

Sonya, Boril and Colen are pretty good, as are your 3-60 heroes. Level them!

He already has Delilah as top tier holy tank? Dont think he needs to invest in two at the moment

Yeah true.

Just making the point not to write her off.

Wait until ver 20 has been released, then write Justice off

Wasnt writing Justice off. Shes good, yes, but I don’t think she will never be as good as Del. Even with a version 20 buff, I cant see it being that dramatic of a change.

It is me that wrote Justice off. My first stopped at 2^60 with two more untouched and I know at least one got fed.

Ah ok lol. Was bit confused but makes more sense now