Help to clean up my roaster! Please!

Thank you :pray: in advance!!!

Witch heroes I need to prioritise?

You should do rainbow leveling - feed blues to blue heroes, reds to red heroes, etc.

In blue, maxing Kiril’s costume looks like the best choice. For red maybe Grazul (but you should finish Natalya first as you have already given her the rings).

Please when asking for help, order your heroes in a way that makes it easier to see what heroes you have available (e.g. remove them from teams and sort them by colour). It’s quite difficult to give advice when they are all over the place.


Thank you so much!!!

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What level are you and what ascension materials do you have? Are you asking which dupes to feed away?

And yeah, sort by color would make it easier to see what you have in each flavor. Might I suggest


Level 48

Given low 5 star ascension mats, I’ll limit to some comments about 3 and 4 stars. What is your team 3? I wouldnt level Danza or Agwe. Better options on your roster IMHO.

Purple - Tibertus. A solid 4 star, defense down. If you had Rigard’s costume, I’d say max him. Kudos on Proteus, hes amazing. Bjorn is helpful for 3 star events and raid tournaments.

Yellow - Personally, I dont think you need three Wu Kongs. I’d finish Bane’s costume - cheap and easy to do. Chao and Li Xiu arent bad, but kind of meh. You could work on taking Prof Lindenbrock to 3-70 and see how she holds up.

Blue - Kiril’s costume, then Grimm. Same rationale as Tibs. Holds up well. Karil + costume is a mainstay on many top event teams.

Green - Brynhild is amazing. A +20 Bryn tank is a tough battle, even in low diamond. Peters or Tettukh are good for controlling special skills. A comment about 5 stars (even though I said I wouldn’t), I’d do Kingston over Garjammal. Hes a beast paired with Evelyn. And yes, Grevle is my spirit animal.

Red - Sudri is strong, helpful for events/raid tourneys. Hawkmoon + costume is a solid option. Scarlett is squishy but her tile damage number is phenomenal. I’d do Kelile + cosutume before Rokkamush or Sumitomo.


Thank you :pray: so much!!! Brilliant

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