I’m lost at the moment, please help with my heroes!

Ok, here is my hero roster. Not so impressive heroes but still not too bad. I’m currently waiting to pull any green and yellow 5* heroes. I finally got a mats to ascend Azlar and Domitia(well, should I or should I wait for better hero?)
I’m just not sure if I need to keep leveling up heroes that I have or just save and wait until I get better 5* heroes. At my stage, do I still need to finish levelling up each and every 4* heroes I have? Any 5* heroes that I should finish levelling up?
Thank you so much for you help!

CAn you post screenshots of your ascension mats?

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I think you have a pretty sturdy platform of 4* heroes now. Got depth to draw into for wars and tournaments. At this stage, probably can focus on a couple 5* before dropping back to more 4* heroes…

Ok so; personal opinion here

I would personally actually go Kong over Azlar. Faster mana speed for similar levels of overall direct damage output (swaps burn for buff).

No scopes now but would probably go Issy first of your options. In the interim maybe second Kiril, Sonya and triton. Maybe first agwe for tournaments…?

Inverse problem to blue :stuck_out_tongue: lots of tonics but no options :stuck_out_tongue:
Skittles is probably your only non-duplivatw option. Second Mel still needs his costume to be levelled up. After that probably second LJ and Caedmon.

Darts but no heroes… Probably suggest going second Mist first. Then second Chao.

Killhare here without a doubt. You got Kunchen maxed who she pairs REALLY well with (or costume Tiburtus). Boss is a really good tank… But you already have Kunchen and Hel who can do that in Purple.


Guardian Kong over Azlar all day long.

Higher special skill upfront damage, at faster mana (and average ties up with most hero’s you could want to stack with in future - BK, BT, Wilbur, Falcon)… More durable, potentially family bonus.

It’s not particularly close, Kong is much better.

That may change a bit when Azlar gets a costume but you don’t want to feel compelled to pull hard for it - evaluate based on what you have, not what you wish you had.


Thank you for your great inputs! It helps a lot! So, are you saying that I should not ascend Dom and start levelling up Killhare all the way?

Thank you so much! I will finish levelling up Kong all the way instead of Azlar.

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Yes. Killhare is way better than Domitia even with her self inflicted negative effect.

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Good reasoning from the guys above, and some extra support for their conclusions

  1. Azlar becomes less appealing when you have a heavily emblemed Colen. They are quite similar

  2. Killhare becomes even more wonderful when paired with Grazul. With Grazuls debuff block active Killhare’s negative doesn’t apply - and you already have Grazul maxed


Edit: another nice thing is that Kong is also a Barbarian like Azlar, so can be emblemed with anything you were saving for Azlar


Ok, I just pulled Clarissa! Another purple hero… nature and holy gods just don’t like me I guess🙁
So I was levelling up Killhare… should I keep leveling her up or switch to Clarissa?

What a great problem to have! Despite synergies with your other heroes I would lean towards Clarissa. Do you have Level 11 mana troop?

I would continue with Killhare…she’s nasty. Clarissa is fine, but not as scary as Killhare IMO.

Yes, I do have lvl 11 troop. :slight_smile:

Gotta be Clarissa then

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