Semi-noob needs help

Hello community, I started playing during Christmas holidays and now I‘m reaching the point where I gathered enough ascension mats to ascend the first heroes.

I have the following heroes:

4* Gormek, Colen 3/60
4* Scarlett, 3/42
4* Sumitomo 1/1

Not enough blades yet, but not sure if Gormek or Scarlett is better candidate to ascend.

5* Lianna 2/60
4* Little John 3/60
4* Peters 3/45
4* Caedmon, Melendor, Gobbler, Gadeirus

Not sure if Lianna or Peters or even save mats for Melendor?

4* Kiril 4/63
4* Boril 2/23
5* Ariel 1/1

First ascension was Kiril, pulled Ariel afterwards, will be next ascension.

4* Wu Kong 4/3
5* Onatel 2/60
4* Danzaburo

Wu Kong was a save call to ascend, got next 4 Orbs for Onatel. Danzaburo is not an alternative I guess.

5* Quintus 2/60
4* Cyprian 3/60
4* Tiburtus 2/47

Hardest choice. Had hoped for Rigard, but wasn‘t lucky. So Tiburtus or Cyprian?

Thanks for help in advance.
CU on the battlefield.

That’s a very good start

Gormek, Tibs and Liana for me.

The ramming pulveriser ability is really useful in 90% of the game.

Scarlett is fine but very squishy

Cyprian is only useful up to Gold tier defence imho.

I’d also consider Caedmon over Melendor

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You have solid heroes to work on them.
Tiburtus, my favourite pulveizer
Danza can be helpfull and its good to have 2 teams with maxed 4* but Onatel is very tanky and she should be second after Wu-kkong
Finish Kiril first, Ariel at 3^70 will be like Rigard but weaker
You have some healers fir start so I’m voting on Caedmon here, he is helpfull everywhere
Gormek, Its good to have more than one -Def

Be happy :slight_smile:

Gormek, Caedmon, Onatel, Kiril, Tiburtus

I was using Cyprian for low to mid platinum and worked well. He’s becoming very redundant on defense for staying within easy striking distance of diamond.

Wu kong is one that the OP will not regret for holy.

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Wu Kong pumped my Titan hits so hard :slight_smile:

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I would go with:


They would do a solid team. I am not a fan of going both Gormek and Tiburtus - you seem to be forming your first team and their specials do not stack, so it’s a waste of feature. Colen will do well for you on defense. If you don’t mind defense that much (which is really only important to keep you at certain raid tier level) and find his slow special annoying then I would go Scarlett. She’s good, offense oriented hero.

Caedmon if you go with Colen. If you pass on Colen, then finish LJ first, for defense. Alternatively, stick with Lianna. But really, you have great options there - I am not sure about Peters and Gobbler is crap, the rest are all good choices (perhaps Gad little less). Lianna will shine on last ascension where her special is devestating. You seem to be rather far from last ascension, and Caedmon at 4.70 will be better than Lianna 3.70

Same for Ariel - if you don’t bring her to max, Kiril will do better than her and be cheaper. Boril brings riposte which is good on defense and to finish difficult maps.

Finish Wu Kong then anything but Danzaburo. If it’s Onatel then be it.

Tib if you decided to go with Colen or Scarlett. Cyprian if you go yolo for Ariel and leave Boril out. Quintus is not worth investing in unless you don’t have anything else.

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Doubled mine on average.

I would focus on your 4* before even looking at your 5*. Once you have a decent 4* roster then move up. Most people get frustrated over the lack of ascension mats but I truly believe it is because they fall into the 5* trap.

Sure you level them to 3.70 5*, but majority are not as useful as 4.70 4*. Doing this you lose effectiveness in raids, war, titans, and events which ultimately means a loss in effectiveness at getting ascension mats.

This leads to just even more venting and frustration you see all over these forums. 5* are shiny and exciting, yes, but dont let them distract you from a more effective 4* team which will build your foundation to move on to those 5*.

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