Husband and wife looking for a new home

Active players, levels 81 and 72, looking for an alliance that has members who play Titan flags regularly, all war flags when opted in, like to try different war strategies (let’s change tank colours once in a while), and where line or discord are not required. Titan level is not important.


Hi, we would love to have you stop by Underground Fight Club and see if we are a good fit for you. Drama free and glad to be! We’ve been rotating war tank colors every 10 wars just for something different. Line is available but optional.

We have a husband and wife team who pulled their son into it too.

Hope to see you and good luck in your search!

Come on over to Alternate Reality. We also have a husband & wife couple in the group, and everyone is pretty active. Not chatty, but active. We’ve been using Nature tanks for awhile, but are also open to suggestions on war tanks. Hope you see you both there!

Please check Bandits and Clubbers, Kan is the leader

I remember you posted earlier in the year - sorry it didn’t work out. Line / Discord not required (used mostly to remind players to use their flags) if you’re both daily active players… Lots of information given in game.

Most alliances I’ve visited stuck with one colour tank colour, just to make it easy. But…

@Macaque1902 leads TBD Part Deux
@Cyber over at Kiwi Academy

GL in your E&P journey


Consider Animated Assassins. Members range from 63-92, no line or discord at all, and we change our tanks 1/month with HOTM color. Friendly and easy-going, but serious when it comes to titan & war. Not super chatty, but no drama either.

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Just to add as the leader of Animated Assassins, my wife is also a member. We have a mother and son on our team as well. Would love to have you both.

I recognize you from a few months ago when you were looking for options. I wish you luck in your search again this time. I would invite you to check out a Hogwarts Castle, but I’m not sure we’d meet your requirements as we are a fairly casual alliance. (Plus only have one spot currently open.)

Hi, you’d both be welcome in TBD: Part Deux.

We have a different war strategy for weekday vs weekend war. We’re always open to friendly suggestions, but we stick to 2 colours for tank depending on the war type. We have a large number of f2p and c2p players and changing tanks can be a big investment. All war flags are used or action is taken. We also collect war data and share on our active discord server to help us all reflect and learn.

We’re all pretty experienced players now. Titans are capped at 12* or 13* rare. If i call a kill, it will die!

We have a really great group of people who play as a team. If you’re interested, feel free to request to join (mention the forum) or contact me on Discord if you want to ask questions etc: Macaque1902#2219


We have room me and my wife are leader and coleader plus I have several other couples here in my alliance

Red or teD is the name of the alliance

We have a spot for 2 players. Alliance name: ‘Backwards Players’ 12 and 13* titans. Green tanks for war. Purple tanks for rush war. It’ll change when we get board. Check us out! Friendly chat on the message board.


I would like to invite you to “541 -Titan Slayers” , pretty chill and relaxed alliance, hitting 12/13/ and some 14* titans ; wars we take seriously; no minimum , and no maximum ; just do your best kind of alliance ; feel free to swing by

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Like @guris says, 541-Titan Slayers may be a good fit.

While we do have a line group, it is optional and mainly used for easier sharing of screenshots and videos.

However, we do try different color tanks.

Here is a link with more detail if you want to give us a try.
541-Titan Slayers is Recruiting

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Check us out @ Fantastic Assassins {F.A.}

you can check our family out: Ascendant Family
we have multiple alliances for different level players or different types of players, ranging from casual to strict:

  • Ascendant Universe
  • Ascendant Rising
  • Ascendant Immortals
  • Ascendant Blinks (my home)
  • Ascendant Slayers
  • Ascendant Super Squad
  • Ascendant Cookies Horde

we have something for everyone.
line is optional but not mandatory

Voidbringers would be a good fit. We have a husband/wife team. Friendly & knowledgeable international group. All war flags must be used if opted in, and hit titan when you can.
We are rebuilding and would welcome new blood. Come check us out

We have found a new home but we will keep these invites under consideration if things don’t work out.


Kommt zu uns zu Fröhliche Chaoten

Dragon you down alliance join