Husband and wife looking for a new home

Good luck with new alliance.

We’re a husband and wife team who have decided to make our own team called pineapplelumps
We’re based in new Zealand.
She is level 47 and I’m level 43
Currently a very small team. It want to expand we are active everyday and are friendly:)

We have a husband and wife and a father and daughter in our alliance, makes it nice because we can tell one to go bop the other on the head and log in :slight_smile: If you are still looking for an alliance we have exactly two spots open. Feel free to pop in or line me if you have any questions.

“Tylanna” @ line ID Toya_76

Hello GeeWally,
We went to check your alliance.
I can’t see your name in the members?
We are having difficulty finding the right fit.
Does your team all hit the titan? It’s important to us.
We don’t understand why players skip the titan even when they are on the game…takes less than 2 minutes.
Are there consequences if someone leaves war flags when they opt in…another frustration.
We hope your team would be a good fit but would rather not come for a visit if the play isn’t active.


Lmao, it looked like you responded off my message! Lol, I apologize!! There are days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed! Happy hunting!!

In our alliance I am 7NT.

We typically have a very good turnout for titans. Our range is 11-12* which is very comfortable for us and normally a titan is called a pass before a lot of resources can be used.

We don’t have a lot of super rigid rules, but members also give a heads up on going on vacation, etc and opt out. Over all, you know a problem when you see it and one member was in fact removed for inaction.

Hi Lilu,

We do require everyone to hit the titan and use all war flags if opting in. We have demoted and even kicked for failing to do so after giving warnings.

We do have the son of one of our members playing for fun. He is school age and we don’t push him. We aren’t full, so no biggie imo. He doesn’t opt in war. Just wanted to be upfront on that.

We do excuse for life circumstances.

Hope you both give us a try.


PS: We also promote new advanced levels members quickly.

Pls check us out
Killing titans daily,0 flags policy.
We are Crew Knights.

Come check us out at “The Misfits of Death.”

Very active, but friendly and semi-competitive alliance.

Tank color changes each month. Killing 11* titans (12* if rare). No pressure to compete in Alliance Quest, but we unlock Legendary pretty fast if you want to aim for indiviual rewards (we typically finish around 6,000th-7,000th in alliance rankings).

3 titans/wars missed in a month gets the boot.

We do use Line, but it isn’t mandatory.

Let me know if you have any question, and if you’ve already found a new home, I wish you best of luck!

Kommt zu uns zu Fröhliche Chaoten

Just read your post, if you ever consider joining an alliance, we are semi casual

Part of the ascendant family which is made up of different level alliances, basically something for everyone:

  • Ascendant Universe
  • Ascendant Rising
  • Ascendant Immortals
  • Ascendant Blinks (my home)
  • Ascendant Slayers
  • Ascendant Super Squad
  • Ascendant Cookies Horde