How would you arrange this defense team?

I’m having a hard time getting my defense team in shape, this is the status right now:

I’ve tried Kunchen as tank flanked by Leo and BT; hard to tell for sure but had a feeling I lost even more cups than with the present set up. Grimm kind of stands out as a week link - I have Boril at 14/3 as an option but I’m not a big fan of him on defense.

Mats are ready for BT and Kunchen to ascend. Also have Frida on the way but will be a while.

What would you do?

Not that another “fix my defense for me” thread was necessarily what the world needed; but I went ahead and swapped Grimm for Boril (moved Elk to left wing and Boril nestled in between him and BT) right after starting this topic.

Have not been raided since! That’s almost 20 hours mostly offline in the game and all my cups are still belong to me! I must have underestimated Borils ability to instigate fear in a potential adversary.

Boril is a good tank. In a good team, he will keep you in platinum level.

I would encourage you to focus more on 4* heroes until you have 5-10 maxed. Then you might have mats to max 5*'s. And your bench will have depth and backbone with those maxed 4*'s.

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Apparently! I just always found the little teapot a bit too easy to work around. Ah well.

You are completely right dear sir, but alas I started in the wrong end (quite new to the game) and my few 5s ate everything that came their way in the beginning. After having fed away surplus characters like Kiril and Wu my yet to be ascended assorted 5s still couldn’t hold their ground: it intrigued me and googling brought me to this forum where I did indeed get an epiphany.

I am now working on that bench of 4s but most of them are paper thin and would just be a liability in the defense team. Most new 5s I’ve gotten are way at the bottom of the priority list!

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Boril is no longer a good tank with the Hatter. I used to pass on every counterattacker (cyprian and boril) becaue they would be so difficult to beat. Now I have the hatter, who in effect renders any counter attacker and wu kong completely useless. I beat stronger power teams with Boril and wu kong routintely now.

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Good on ya! Luckily for me the Hatter appears to be quite scarce. I do agree with you though that riposte is better in offense against the less than bright AI.

I dunno, I always felt counterattacking as a primariy function was better left on defense not offense. I would rather a healer or 2 plus snipers on raid offense.

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One would think so. In the beginning I tried Boril in defense (unsuccessfully as his mates were all wet noodles) and wouldn’t dream of taking him on offense.

However, after having read about he benefits of colour stacking against the tank I resorted to bringing the sturdy little guy in raids just for the stronger tiles - and he is not bad at all to have there! The AI attacks him and the guys he’s protecting regardless of the health of the attacker. Very satisfying to see if you are so inclined.

I dont have a boril leveled up atm, so thats a no go for me…

But you have Hatter! Just go ahead and steal the riposte and all is well :).

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im stuck at 3/70 on all my guys tho UGH

I feel you. Patience, they say. Mats will come, they say. :wink:

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im 2 tabards 1 ring 3 darts 4 tonics and 6 scopes away from a fully ascended team!!!

Focus on the 4s, they say…

That doesnt make that much sense, I have a 7 5 stars at 3/70 waiting for mats

Oh I know mate, only a laugh.

Yes the scarcity of mats can be very frustrating, I totally agree. I’ve decided not to care about that, it’s just a game and an entertaining pastime. Try to roll with it and enjoy!

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I think it’s just a matter of efficiency. Most 470 are superior stat-wise and take half the time to complete as a fully leveled 580. And then are the mats, of course. If you were to start some corresponding 4s after you get stuck at the 5 3-70 mat wall, what to do if you gain the rest of ur mats during that time.

So you are left with a partially leveled 4* as you undertake the long slog of taking the 5* from 3-70 to 4-80. If you did 4* in the first place, you would getting the services of ur maxed 4* during the complete leveling of the 5*, and chances are the mats will be there.

Everyone has different playstyles mate, just do what make you happy. Later :wink:

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Raiding against a 3-70 5* team is much easier than raiding against a 4-70 4* team.

It does make sense to max a bunch of 4*'s particularly when some of them are better than 5*'s.

Kiril, Wilbur, Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Proteus, Hansel, Falcon, Jackal, Sabina, etc

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Cheers mate! That is oh so true. I sure wish I would have caught on sooner, but was really only playing to pass time in between other stuff in the beginning and didn’t care which way or the other…

Am c2p and my roster still haven’t recovered from the initial feeding frenzy. Ol’ monkey feet is nowhere to be seen.

But now 30 hours without a single raid against me! Doesn’t sound like much but for someone used to being the E&P equivalent of a grilled chicken it sure is an improvement. Got a decent grip on the offense bit and slowly moving up towards platinum and them sweet chests…

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