Advice on my defence team

I keep struggling to find my best defence team so any advice would be much appreciated. My current team is: Boril (+20) as tank, Sabina (+20) and Kingston (+10) as flanks, Vivica (+4) and Kelile (+20) on the wings.

I have Thorne (+7) and Anzogh (+2) relatively strong but not the best 5*s and certainly not game changes. Is there a place for Grimm (+20) or Kiril (+20)??

I guess like the rest of us it’s a bit of trial and error. I’ll put up my roster and would appreciate any suggestions…I guess I’m asking which would you least like to face? Thanks guys :blush:

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I’d go with this personally:

Kelile | Vivica | Thorne | Anzogh | Kingston

Get Sartana maxed and replace Kelile with her. Then make Anzogh your tank and put Thorne on flank.


So your current defense is:
Vivica - Sabina - Boril - Kingston - Kelile
I think in the left side is not good all passive 3x heroes.

Maybe like this:
Kingston - Vivica - Thorne - Anzogh - Kelile

You should level up that Boldtusk too!

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I’ve currently got Sabina and Kelile on one side of Boril and Kingston and Vivica on the other

Thanks for the advice guys…most of you are dismissing Boril (Easy to Debuff I know) and going for Anzogh and Thorne. The only thing that puts me off about that is those 2 never worry me when I attack. People are undecided whether to put Viv as flank or wing…I’ve had that same quandary😂. I’ve got the mats for Sartana so she could replace Kelile by next week. I could also put Kiril in there…imagine his boost to Kingston, Grimm etc…they already hit really hard, probably better as attack team tho. Definite plans to level up Boldtusk are on the cards also.

Decisions decisions hey​:thinking::joy:

Kiril, Boril and Grimm are great for ofense.
I agree Boldtusk is 1st priority, emblem and can be as tank candidate without costume.

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