Shield Wall! - Defence advice

Happy Friday boys and girls. Here’s my current bench.

What do you think for a defence team?

And would you change it for war with arrows attack?

Who needs priority for levelling?

I have a plethora of happy 3* too, but they aren’t so relevant anymore.

Caedmon is not a very good center, he’s very weak for it. Boril has more defense and health. And not sure about Scarlett, Colen will be better

I think I would want Caed, Tibs, Boril, BT, Li Xiu. Or maybe swap BT and Boril positions. So if it were me Id focus leveling Li Xiu and Boril. Not a fan of Wu on D, Chao is ok. But since the defense has no real plan of attack you generally want defenders that don’t require a strategy. Kiril, Rigard, Scarlet and Colon are also good on D. I would def want one of BT or Kiril for their buffs. When Im not sure I just set a team for a week or so and see where my cups bottom out at on average when Im not playing and then try the alternate team and see who best protects my trophies :wink:

If you want a team that is currently all 4/70…hmmm Maybe try Caed, Tibs, Kiril, Scarlott, and Wu.


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Rigard, BT, Kiril, Caedmon, Scarlett - I don’t think there is much advantage with a double colour in defense, unless you don’t have other options. Caedmon has less defense than either BT or Kiril, but Scarlett is even squischier - she would be better paired with Boril, I think, when he is finished.

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