How to use Rogue emblems?

Really need some help since emblems are limited and costs a good load of iron and food.

This is my main roster:

As you may see, a lack of fire heroes but today someone very special came from TC20:

Now I want to move all Khiona’s and Jackal’s emblems to Marjana because she gives me a lot of trouble in raids. Also need to balance my elements. I’ll have around 700 emblems:

The question is: SHOULD I?
Jackal is a master hero, I love him and the same for Khiona but I feel like embled Marjana will change my game.

Thank you.

Congrats on pulling Marjana. She’s solid, and was also my first Red 5* (and my ONLY Red 5* for the longest time - pulled Elena just last week).

But, where are you using Khiona and Jackal? It seems a bit of a shame to strip them of emblems entirely (especially as Sartana will then be your only emblemed Purple, and Drake your only emblemed Yellow - while you already have a highly emblemed Red in Elena).

Also, do you color-stack? Emblemed Jackal would work very well with your Drake and Joon, while Khiona buffs up your Sartana and Domitia, for example.

Lastly, what does your 4* Red bench look like? I can see the appeal of working on fast Marjana over slow Elena, of course, but depends also who else you have.

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No I don’t think you should. I believe both of those heroes merit the emblem, food and iron investment you have made in them.

See: Forum ToS of my reply


I mostly use Khiona and Jackal at color staking (titans and raids). My hard events team is Ariel, drake,vivica,miki and Vela that’s why drake got all emblems.

My 4* red heroes are: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Colen, Kelile, Gormek and Sumitomo. All maxed, 0 emblems.

I love using this team: Elena - Wilbur- boldtusk - colen - Kelile (now it will be marjana here) ~ once I fire Wilbur > boldtusk > elena and then colen, the fights over.

I also lack a red for my defence team since elena doesn’t work that good there. Mostly it’s that ^^ thank you

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So should I start giving her the upcoming emblems instead of removing emblems from others? Thank you :slight_smile:

I would keep the emblems on Khiona and Jackal already, as you still use them quite a lot :slight_smile: then Just put all future Rogue emblems on Marjana. good luck!


thank you so much! I’m a pretty noob on management of emblems since I get a little confused sometimes. so split emblems to 2 legendary heroes is better than having just one legendary hero with huge emblem amount? then should I give Ariel and Drake a break and starting giving some to Vivica and Joon?

This would make think about stripping khionna for marj.

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I’m not an expert either - but what’s worked for me is splitting emblems, I usually take one hero to +9 or +11 then work on another. I find that this helps give me variety and flexibility in choosing teams .

here’s a good read that explains my thinking better than i could!

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I agree with @Voidstrike. I wouldn’t necessarily strip those emblems. The strength of Khiona and Guardian Jackal come in handy in Class Quests involving Rogue heroes.

I mean, if you look at heroes among Holy, who are Rogues, you have Li Xiu in costume (not bad), Musashi (a former HOTM that you can’t get anymore…yet), Sif (who is more defensive than offensive), Inari (another passive hero), Danzaburo (very unpredictable), and Dawa (which you would feed before leveling for a Class Quest), and then there’s Guardian Jackal (bonified offensive striker). Most players from what I see utilize GJ for Rogue Class Quests when turning towards help from Holy, although Sif is coming into play more.

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