Should I emblem Marjana?

F2P here. I have 378 rogue emblems. Should I spend them on Marjana? I don’t have another 5* rogue and Guardian Jackal and Scarlett are both fully emblemed.

If you use her alot then go for it, if you don’t then don’t. :wink::+1:


I’m f2p and have three Rogues emblemed: Scarlett, Jackal, and Marjana so yeah I’d say emblem her. Peter’s will be next.

As f2p Marjana may be the best red you can get for a while (still is for me) so there’s low regret in doing it. Sapphire is the only other non five star I’d consider giving emblems to (maybe Kelile’s costume will change my mind).


I just get her to 4/80 this morning.

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I would emblem her. I use her on my rainbow team as I own almost only S1 heroes.


maybe good to test her out first, to see how you like her and if she fits your style. but she’s definitely solid, good choice to emblem. she’s naturally tough (defense and health pretty good), and the Rogue talent really improves her survivability.


I’ve put 6 tallents so far, maybe more in the future. Especially if you are f2p, these S1 snipers are a foundation of every roster, offensively. So go, increase her attack stats a bit. :slight_smile:


I’d give her some emblems. I think that most of snipers deserve the emblems, even if they belong to the S1.

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She’s worth maxing, but Embleming her, I’d hold off for her costume as it drops tomorrow


The costume’s class is irrelevant as far as emblems are concerned. Even if you’re lucky enough to pull her costume and max it, you still have to emblem her as a Rogue (the costume inherits the hero’s emblems).

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They may inherent the original’s emblems, however, depending on build of the costume, you may have ti restructure the path

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Actually the attack paths for Rogues and Wizards (Marjana’s costume’s class) are the same except if you want the mana node at +19 (but 378 emblems won’t be enough to get to that point).

As such, Marjana could keep the same path if you want to emblem both versions for attack.

I think she is fantastic. I will be using her on defence and attack 100% putting emblems on her to 20.

If you have reset emblems available the answer is 100% yes. She’ll be used and if you pick up a more useful Rogue, reset the emblems. Emblems in your inventory are useless.

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Yes. Especially as F2P. She is reliable in any situation and is well balanced. Use the emblems you have. Always. Especially now that it’s easier and cheaper to reset/earn emblems.

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