Rogue emblems question

I’m about to max Marjana as only my 2nd unique red 5 star have 4 Azlars though.

She will be replacing Azlar in raid def but I know will need emblems. I have 250 in bank and have both Scarlet and Kellie at 20. Do I choose to reset one or both? I still use them in War and against Green Titans.

Really up to you. But you need to consider this: A better defender is one with the highest emblems invested on that hero.

I am always loathe to reset from heroes I use a lot. And it sounds as if you use your 4* loads.

250 will take you to +4 on Marj. I would do that while you monitor which of Kelile and Scarlett you use least Or conversely survive best without emblems. Personally, If you take them off either I would do it to Kelile. Scarlett’s tile damage s great. But as the previous poster said, it’s up to how you use them

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If you are going to use Marjana on defense team, it is better to pull every emblem out from 4* heroes and loaded Marjana to at least node 18.

Marjana’s rogue class node 8 is the mana speed up, which is pretty good to have. You can use Marjana to flank any tank you like and she will perform.

Pulling emblems off just Kellie will get me to node 11/12 which is pretty good to me. My mana troop is just at lvl 10 though but working on it, my crit troop is at lvl 17.

I’d use the Crit troop with Marjana, mana troops don’t make that much difference in defense for fast heroes, but making her even tougher might be nice

If it’s for war and raid then I’d probably reset both fours if you’re playing high level wars. But if you use Scarlett on titans, then I’d probably just reset Kelile