Beginner board tips

I decided to make a video on how to work a board. I see a lot of beginners that could use some help with this, so I thought this would be a good way to show you.
I feel like I need to warn you though, because it is my first time commentating on my video which made me a little nervous. I hope it helps though!

Any future videos will be posted under this topic. I hope I used the right category, if not, feel free to move it.


Veey informative, looking forward to more!



I enjoyed the video. Can you explain why ghosting is important in fights, as well as trying to create the best board possible before moving on to the next round. I also think that discussing why you are using specials and holding off on diamonds/dragons is important. I really think you did an excellent job discussing why you chose each tile movement, especially when thinking about future matches and cascades.

I look forward to more of your stuff!


That’s a good idea! I’ll try to do a video on that next week


Another video posted. A little more in-depth on what ghosting does and how to use Ghosting effectively. Also a little announcement at the end.


Thank you for taking the time to create a ghosting video. I think you are doing great. Talking to your phone or tablet alone is always a bit awkward.

I appreciate how you tied the concept of ghosting tiles with the troop that accompanies them. You visually showed how the right side Victor was able to charge quickly and why choosing a mana troop is important.

I also thought the way you worked your board and discussed why you moved tiles instead of making an easy match was important. It is easy to forget that each time the board changes, you need to reassess the tiles as they lie.

Keep up the good work!


Ghosting imho is a key to success.

If the tank was gone, the passing tiles will charge your heroes quicker. Empty places also allows you to throw away bad vertical cascades nearly without charging the opponent.

After the tank has gone, concentrate on the slower or healing side to ultimately get rid of a whole wing to ghost more tiles.

Happy matching and thx 4 the vids… :ok_hand:t4:

I actually wish I recorded the raid I just did. It was a 1v3 (I only had Alasie left) and thanks to ghosting I was able to win the raid.


I talk to my phone all the time, but usually it’s more cursing that actually constructive commentary😂.
I’m thinking of making my next video about hero synergy. Do you guys think that would be a good one?


Would be as great as the others I think. Keep it up.


I think synergy would be a great video. My only suggestion is that since this is geared at beginner’s, to somehow incorporate that. Maybe when the new weekly raid system rolls out? Even if it is with your beautiful 5*'s, I think you’ll find a way to make it helpful for beginners!