How to improve a bad board?


One of the most important factors is the gem board, which mostly depends on luck I guess. What do you do if your board is stuck, i.e. there are no obvious combinations and you can only match 3 gems in a move? In situations like these, I try to get as much movement (neighbouring gem changes) as possible. I apply the following heuristics:

  1. Matching on top of the board is better than at the bottom, since the gems below the match move up, thereby creating changes below.
  2. Matching in the middle of the board is better than on the border, since there are possible combinations on both sides, not just one side.
  3. Matching vertically is better than horizontally, not sure, just a feeling.
  4. Under time pressure (titan fights), I use the auto-pilot for 1-2 turns if I can’t see a move right away.

Does this make sense? Do you have other suggestions?

Balanced Boards

Good suggestions and I do the same too :grinning:


Good ideas. However vertical match verses horizontal depends on what secondary effects you want on the board. Horizontal matches equal more movement resulting in more changes to the board in my opinion.
Thanks for your post.


Use Tornadoes for maximum movement. :slight_smile:


Agree with @Azure on the Horizontal vs Vertical thing - I feel that horizontal matches tend to mix up the board more and can often un-stick a stubborn board.

Also find skulls quite effective for this (when available)… and try liberate them from the edges first if you can.


Totally agree with all the above. When it comes down to titan battles try to avoid the colour of the titan as much as possible. I.E Red titan needs more blue tiles and less red. The more red tiles you match the more you are giving the titan power. Each titan has its own colour and each colour titan has a better colour hero to play. Red titan blue hero’s. Blue titan green hero’s. Green Titan red hero and yellow against Purple.


Hmm? Red against red should be 1-1, blue against red is 2-1, and green against red is 1/2-1.


You don’t want to play red against Red but you should have 1 hero who is the same colour as the titan.

The best way to remember the colour order is
Fire burns wood, water puts out fire. Wood soaks up water.
Fire red. Wood Green. Water blue. Yellow and purple against the opposite one so yellow titan purple hero’s.

I find it best to have a 2,2,1 approach.

Red titan for instance.

Purple, blue, red, blue, purple.
The reason for the 1 that is the same colour as the titan is basically because you can guarantee that there will be tiles of the titan colour. Don’t use a full blue team just in case you don’t get many blue tiles because if you don’t then you won’t get many special shots in from the most damaging colour.


The color tiles are random; there is no guarantee there will be lots of tiles of the titan color over any other color.

You do want 2 heroes of the color that is strong against the titan like he mentioned. The rest of your setup is largely determined by which heroes you have leveled and what their specials are.


This was the quote I was asking about. I have long been told, re: a red Titan:

Hitting red is worth x1
Hitting blue (strong) is worth x2
Hitting green (weak) is worth x1/2

True or not true?


Thats correct @Rook.
Strong = 2x
Normal = 1x
Weak = 1/2x

And titans gain the same ammount of mana from all tiles.


@Fledoble: If the Titan is Red (Blue is strong, Green is weak), what is Purple and Yellow in this circumstance? All examples I remember only give three colors, not all five. Help me, Obi Wan! :wink:


Normal just like red


It’s the normal damage. If you have two of the same normal damage, that tile will do double damage (normal damage x2).

So in the example it would be 2xblue = 4x damage and 2xpurple=2X damage and 1xRed=1X damage. This setup leaves you with two tile colors that only give 1 ‘hero missing’ damage per tile which is a dice roll (green, yellow) unless your purple (in this case) are far stronger than your yellow guy (definitely leave the green guy out).


It doesnt really do double damage, it just feels like it.
If you have 2x blue heros on a red titan, they both do their individual attacks(normal or crit) and their individual damage is then added together.

Like (Hero1Dmg + Hero2Dmg) = Total damage

Not sure how if works if 1x hero is blinded though, but probably the same way.

Say 2xBlue on team, one is blinded causing him/her to miss. Is the summation (Damage + 0) = total damage?

@Revelate @Talisax You guys know?


Yeah - I was being generic in terms of the damage done by the two heroes (so double hero damage, not actual double damage).


Well that’s an interesting discussion.

Crits are per hero, not total. I tested that concretely when that question came up (people were saying say blue / yellow / ares / blue / yellow everyone crits as a result of Ares… that was not the case, crit comes before the summation).

Misses in theory should be similar, I haven’t had a good chance to test this and it might have been different previously (I know I got a lot of complete whiffs vs. consistent damage tile hits on titans with Wu and my standard 2-3 strong color config under 1.6 and 1.7) but I recently saw some pictures from 1.8 that made my doubt my sanity but I haven’t really had a chance to look into it.

The numbers were coming up so varied that the only way I could account for that would be if the Wu buff for both hits and misses was applied before the summation. This might have changed but I never really tracked it previously.

Something to test on a map zone.


Not sure. Would be interesting to know


Correct me if I am wrong but If I may add, the above mentioned 3 leveled tile hit stats of 2x, 1x, 0.5x (i.e. strong, normal weak) damage seem to be more applicable within RGB (i.e. Red, Green, Blue) colors only as there are 3 colors in all.

Plus when Y&P tiles (i.e. Yellow and Purple) hit RGB heroes or monsters then it is 1x (i.e. Normal) damage.

But when it comes to hits within Y&Ps, there are only 2 levels as there are only two colors, of course, but then it is not 2x and 1x like one would generally expect. Instead I learnt that it is 2x and 0.5x (i.e. Strong and Weak). Basically there is no Normal hit between them Y&Ps. Meaning when Y tile hits Y hero or monster; or P tile hits P hero or monster, the damage is halved and it even displays on the screen as WEAK.
Maybe this all is obvious to most but just wanted to put it out there in the thread as we are discussing the specifics here :slight_smile: Thanks.


RGB do normal vs Y &P for your 3rd tier or x1