How to remove recruits asap?

I’m trying to get food back immediately from my TC.

Used the minus button to remove recruits from the TC but is there any way to just empty the recruits?

If so, then I can repeat the process and remove more recruits from the TC to get my food back now.

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You mean other than moving them into a different Training Camp?

Like you mean you’re trying to trash the Recruits?


Unfortunately you can’t just discard the troops in order to get the food back. I wish!

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You can turn TC13 queue into TC2
or turn TC20 into TC13


I guess the OP wants an instant removal of the queued recruits thereby recovering all the associated food.
Well It seems the only way to do that is to step wise press on the minus button, just the reverse of the queuing up process, not sure there is other method.


Minus button is the only way to remove recruits

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I think TC11 is the cheapest TC food-wise. Dumping them into another TC will end up costing you food. If you have a surplus in TC20 you can pull them and dump into TC11, then you get a net gain in food.

I am not aware of any way other than TC’s to dump recruits.


Yes, just trash the 245 recruits so that I can use the minus sign to remove additional 245 recruits from the TC 11 and thereby recover my food.

At this point, I’m just leaving my recruits full so that I don’t get more.

Every pack will have me add to my TC2 which will then allow me to minus more recruits from TC11.


Yeah, there’s no way to just trash Recruits.

You’ll just have to move them from one TC to a less Food-expensive TC, and pocket the difference in Food.

TC20/13/12 to TC11 is the most common way to bank/withdraw Food.

If you’re taking from TC11 into TC2 you’ll net 1k Food per 5 withdrawals from TC11 into 2 deposits into TC2 (5k Food + 10 Recruits from TC11 to 4k Food + 10 Recruits into TC2).

If you’re power leveling, any of this is tedious…and cramp inducing. Take breaks!

And I’d suggest running a TC12/13/20 to serve as the main bank, and withdraw into TC11 instead of TC2.

That way you don’t need Backpacks, and the ratio of Food freed up in the transition is much higher.


This game is not made to do anything very fast. I recommend eventually stocking a TC 20 so when you need food it will be stock piled there. It’s 100 recruits and 297k food. It definitely comes in handy when you need it. Setting up training camps can be crucial to they way you play the game.

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I use the system of 3 TC11’s and just let them run. I don’t feed out of them for days while I stock my one TC 20. Once I have a couple hundred ready in each of my 11 camps I also have the food stocked to level a hero quickly. Harder to explain than to do🤪


As @Rigs clearly pointed out, minus button is the only way to remove recruits. However, the problem lies if you have a huge number of unused recruits and you are planning to remove some of the queuing trainees to enable you to use the food, specially from TC20 functions. If you force to do so, you will just waste the food and some recruits. This only needs some TC management. The most common strategy is at least one of the four training camps is used for TC20 function, while the rest are for TC11 function. TC20 will serve as your piggy bank for recruits and food. TC11 not only provides constant production of feeder heroes, it also allows you to use it as dumping ground of the cheapest recruit with minimal cost to food and recruit. And if you have decent enough number of swords, backpacks or rugged clothes, you can convert two TC11 to work on any of the TC1 (swords), TC2 (backpacks), TC3 (swords) or TC19 (rugged clothes) functions, depending on the availability of swords. I usually get my two TCs working on TC1, TC2, TC3 and TC19 functions whenever I have several hundreds or thousands of the needed materials and that my TC20 is queued for more than 300 days where food and recruits are stored aplenty. My other camp working on TC11 function may be used to pull out some recruits. This is how I manage food and recruits. You can definitely do your own thing with just a little planning.


That was also happen with my last-last month AR, lack food, many recruits… I did not mention so much before, then I read this post:

And then after carefully controling food during AR, I do not have that problem anymore.
We can also move from TC11 to TC1, for saving food.
Here is TC table by ham/recruit.


@jinbatsu yes I don’t waste any food and often will dump feeders into another hero instead of ascending to next tier. I usually lvl almost twice during rising.

I think I will just leave my recruits full next rising and see if that will help with the food.

Look what TC gave me, thanks.


I farm day to day and even in AR with full recruits

Doesnt hurt anything

my tc11 wont get back up to 15k+ trainings…oh well since that’s ridiculous anyways especially once hero leveling takes a back seat


I’m running 2 TC11, a 2 and a 20.
20 just to store ham.

Best is to start more 2 as long as you have backpacks left, else start more 11 trainings.

You’ll have about 200K ham left after each canceled 20.


Advanced training camp or hero academy need to give us more ways to burn recruits

SG has sped this game up a ridiculous amount as far as how quickly players & heroes can progress

But they didnt get ahead of the curve in other areas unfortunately

Hope they improve the recruits situation that seems to be pretty common(i havent farmed to get recruits in like 2 yrs, but before AR i never had 4k+ feeders done in tc2 with more cooking)


Even I as f2p am reaching a point where recruits are getting surplus. I have a TC20 and a TC11 at over 200 days (which I realize is nothing compared to others) but that has doubled for me in just a few months and with the shortage of 4* AM will likely only continue to go up.

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As has been noted above, you use the TC20 to bank food and the TC11 to bank recruits. If you need a bunch of food for an expensive ascension, upgrade, or just to craft battle items, you move the recruits out of TC20 and add them to the TC11 and then spend the surplus food on whatever you need.

After using about 20 WE flasks on the last AR, I currently have a 60-day supply for my TC20 and 408 days on my TC11. I have a bunch of 4 and 5*s to level up from my last 10x event summons and Atlantis summons, so I’m running my other two camps at TC2 until I run out of backpacks (currently a 6-day supply each with 500 backpacks remaining) and putting all my new recruits there.

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Even with a good strategy to use the TCs, you’ll have some ridiculous long queues of trainings with no chance of ever finishing one of those. It’ll take hours and hours just to move all trainings from one to another. It’s annoying and should be advanced with some cute automation.

Still way to many recruits and 100s of backpacks.


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