Best way to train heroes

Just looking for some advice about training hero fodder.

I have 4 Training Camps (TC) - level 13, 11, 9, 4 and run two of these on continuous Extra Low Cost hero production, giving 12 heroes each a day, with another on Low Cost hero production, providing 8 heroes a day. Each have about 5 days training lined up. The 4th TC I keep free to produce heroes of a particular colour, on average I probably train about 6-8 heroes a day.

That gives me approximately 40x 1*/2** heroes to use as fodder per day to upgrade higher heroes, plus any others I get from attacks, probably 10-20, means I get 50-60 heroes to use as hero fodder.

How does this compare to your training strategy? Is my strategy good or shoud I do something different?



I am going to make some assumptions that you do not have an excess of 5* or 4* heroes to level.

With that baseline I think you should:
You should get at least one TC to 20 as it is the cheapest way to start building out your roster with useful 4* and 5* heroes and just start banking food/recruits there so

I personally have 3 TC 20s and 1 TC 11 (which is always housing troops/recruits).
When banking food I’ll have 1 TC 20, 1 TC 2 and 1 open for TC 19 or TC 3.

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Hi Couple threads that may be of interest:

Personally I run 2x TC11, 1x TC2 and 1x TC11/19/2 depending on what I got heaps of


Here is table of all TC available, we can compare choose best option for our conditions.

TC Recruits Foods Mats Time Result Best Notes Ham/Recruit
1 5 1,600 sword 10m *1 320
2 5 2,000 kits 30m *1, *2 400
3 5 5,000 sword 2m *1 1,000
4 4 1,500 - 3h *1, *2 mini TC11 375
5 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 RED 1,700
6 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 BLUE 1,700
7 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 GREEN 1,700
8 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 PURPLE 1,700
9 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 YELLOW 1,700
10 25 105,000 cloth,manual 1d *2, *3 4,200
11 2 1000 - 2h *1, *2 stock recruits 500
12 45 164,000 cloth,manual 2d *3 3,644
13 70 265,000 armour,wooden shield 2d *3, *4 mini TC20 3,786
14 25 105,000 manual 1d *2, *3 RED 4,200
15 25 105,000 cloth 1d *2, *3 BLUE 4,200
16 25 105,000 manual 1d *2, *3 GREEN 4,200
17 25 105,000 cloth 1d *2, *3 PURPLE 4,200
18 25 105,000 manual 1d *2, *3 YELLOW 4,200
19 2 5,500 cloth 1m *1 2,750
20 100 297,000 stone 2d *3, *4, *5 stock food 2,970

Common/Uncommon specific coloured “food” (TC5-TC9 and TC14-18) require more ham.

I’m in the same postion like this now :grinning:


All my training camps are at level 20. One is churning TC20 training (letting me stock food and recruits and currently queued at 229 days), another is working on TC11 training (serves as food and recruits dumping grounds whenever I juggle training and currently queued at 227 days), and two training camps presently also serving TC11 functions (currently queued at 8 days both) but sometimes serve to work on TC1, TC2, TC3 and TC19 duty depending on the available adventurer’s kits, practice swords and rugged clothes in my inventory. I truly believe TC11 is the best function as it provides 1 and 2 star feeders.

I also hoard summon tokens (gray ones, currently over 200 pieces) to get 1, 2 and 3 star feeders and the occasional 1, 2 and 3 star troops when the time comes to harvest them in order to waste overproduction of food stored in my farms and storages.


1-2 x TC2’s x forever. Farm backpacks like Dora. Feed 1’s to 4’s and 2’s to 5’s. #WinGame

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The other threads people have linked will help you with the details, but the most important takeaway is that you should never use the colour specific trainings. They are just WAY too expensive from a resource standpoint.

The only training camp levels you need to use are 1, 2, 11, 19, and 20 (or 13 if you’re not up to 20 yet).

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I have one 20, two at 11 and one at level 14 that I’m eventually going to level to 20. Right now I have several heroes that I am leveling so I’m running three at TC11 and one at TC2. When I build up a lot of food I switch one to TC19. In a few days I’ll start TC20 training again.

Thanks for everyone’s input. In the short term I am going to change my training strategy:

  • Cease production of colour heroes
  • Use TC 1/2 to use backpacks and swords
  • Upgrade TC 9 to TC11 and run Extra Low Cost hero production
  • Upgrade TC13 to TC20 to give me more flexibility

Thanks everyone, I had a feeling I was doing it wrong!



Don’t use swords mate. 2x TC2’s = 1.65kk+ XP a month and because your churning out 1-2’s you saving a slew of food over time.

Zombies a pup. -17 months. ~150-160 Maxed Hero’s (Or 5* 3.70). Fueled by backpacks mate.

Hey guys,

I am new to the game, playing for 3 months now.

Atm I am running TC13 (elite) and TC4 (cheap) all the time, looking for 4-star heroes.
I DO use TC5-9 (colors) to push a new hero, because it is important to me to get a high percentage for leveling the special ability! If you use other colors it is less effective at this point.
Some 3-star heroes reached their maximum level, but didn’t have maximum special ability!
I do not want to have any extra costs to level the special ability allthough the heroe is max level.
Maybe this is no issue with 4-star heroes and higher…

My biggest problem is, that I keep running out of backpacks and swords!
Tried region 4 are lot, as the text for practice swords says, but it seems not good for me.
2 of 3 matches there is no sword at all!
Region 5 is pretty good for backpacks, but I often ask myself if going to any other location would give the same droprate + more & better other loot.

Any suggestions?

Check this guide:

TC4 cost 4 recruits and 1,5k ham.
TC11 cost only 2 recruits and 1k ham.
So thats why I write in table TC4 is as mini TC11.

OK, it depend on the situation, I still in the mode “always leveling 5 color heroes at the same times”, so for this situation, no need specifics color that are more costly on all resource (recruit, ham, times).

I do the same, and when I need to store ham I store in TC12 not TC20.

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The color trainings are the cause of your backpack/sword shortage.

You shouldn’t be that worried about maxing the special ability prior to max level. 1) if you’re really worried about it, just do on-colour training of 5 heroes at once. 2) ever since they bumped up the special skill increase percentage for level-maxed heroes, that’s the only way I max my 3* heroes’ specials. Just max the 3-stars ASAP, then spend a day or two doing some 100% skill increase feedings with 1* and 2* on-colour heroes (that you get from TC1/2/11/19). It’s really nothing to worry about.

Hey Jalia, thanks for your reply!

I think I will quit getting the special ability to max at my 3-star-heroes.
Actually getting a 4-star-team is more important now, thats why I run TC13.
Since they have 4 stages for level up, the special ability will be maxed out prior to max level…

Maybe I need a 3rd TC for lvl 4 now, and level up my 2nd TC to lvl 13 and then get my 1st TC to lvl 19.

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