How do I delete recruits

I have waaaaaay more recruits than I need, and I have to keep wasting food that I would rather use elsewhere into putting these excess recruits into training camps. Please, is there some way I can delete the excess recruits? If not, would the developers please make one? Thanks!

There’s no such thing as excess recruits. If your storage is full you just don’t get any more. It is a total non problem.

You’re not, are you, by the way, in any way related to the poster who was just asking how to delete emblems from their inventory?


There’s no way to delete recruits.

If you want to use the least amount of food possible, put your recruits into training level 2 or training level 11. Let them pile up for days in those training camps, and you create a “Recruits storage” that you can move to another training camp :slight_smile:


You got your answer. For one, I still regret wasting the iron for the advanced house. I didn’t empty it in the last month. And I have training heroes for a year in TC 11 and for months in 2 TC 20 (each one). So, I just let the annoying message about recruits to bother me at every single mission. I have a better use for food, than adding in TC. I’m also at a point in the game, I don’t use TC19 anymore, because I don’t have to. Just few heroes to level and there is no rush with those. So, my recruits are blocked at 309. Still, I would like an option to block that annoying message…

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I almost have problem with recruits in this month Atlantis Rises, have many recruits but no enough food. I realize after reading this strategy:

And now, no problem with adding recruits to camps.
Good luck :+1:


No, they are not the same person (I checked). :slight_smile:


In that case I regret my somewhat snippy reply.


Yes, there is such a thing as too many recruits. I don’t particularly want to waste bazillions of backpacks on a level 2 TC, so I’d been throwing the extra recruits into 2 TC 20s. But that was getting ridiculous since a) I had 28 days of builds lined up in both of them and b) I really wanted the food back to do other things. Problem is, when I tried to back out a TC 20 build, it gave me that insane message about how there wasn’t room and if I went ahead I’d lose all the stuff I’d put in. It’s insane because I have tons of room for food, but was being stopped because my storage for recruits was full. That’s been a pet peeve of mine for a while. If I want to back out of a build in a tc, I should have the option to get back as many of the resources as will fit, rather than having it just delete them all. To me, that that option isn’t there is a sign of lazy or evil developers.

Anyway, to sum up, for my situation and preferences, I’d rather save backpacks for recruiting specific coloured “food” (common and uncommon heroes) and I’d rather save food for that and other things like upgrading troops. I don’t even need the TC 20s, since I have all but 2 of the Season 1 heroes already.

I understand what players are saying. I too have too many recruits because I don’t have the heroes to feed them to.

The players who think this is nuts is because they have hungry heroes. Players complain of having too much food but to a player who has tons of troops to use up, this sounds crazy.

For a player who sees 300+ days of recruits building in a training camp, it can indeed feel like it’s an endless cycle.

Everything is relative.


I think you all sound crazy and we cant have too much of anything in this game


You forget to mention money :grin:


I quite agree – this restriction is arbitrary, anti-QoL, and just a bad idea all round.

(Unfortunately, this is as intended: MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal)

Until and unless they fix it though, the way to deal with it is to carefully juggle the different levels of TC. Like, add to a TC-11 queue until you have room for 100 recruits in storage; then remove from a TC-20 queue – rinse and repeat.


If you have the heroes to feed that is. My last 4 event pulls only gave me dupes of bad 3 stars and 4 srar dupes I can’t use. So for me, I can indeed have too many recruits.

You’re not feeding the heroes with recruits. Just leave the fodder heroes you’ve trained in the camps – don’t collect them until you need them.

ETA: Make sure your queue doesn’t run out, though – then you won’t be able to use that training camp until you’ve collected all the heroes. … which is another QoL misfeature …

TC Recruits Foods Mats Time Result Best Notes Ham/Recruit
1 5 1,600 sword 10m *1 320
2 5 2,000 kits 30m *1, *2 400
3 5 5,000 sword 2m *1 1,000
4 4 1,500 - 3h *1, *2 mini TC11 375
5 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 RED 1,700
6 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 BLUE 1,700
7 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 GREEN 1,700
8 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 PURPLE 1,700
9 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 YELLOW 1,700
10 25 105,000 cloth,manual 1d *2, *3 4,200
11 2 1000 - 2h *1, *2 stock recruits 500
12 45 164,000 cloth,manual 2d *3 3,644
13 70 265,000 armour,wooden shield 2d *3, *4 mini TC20 3,786
14 25 105,000 manual 1d *2, *3 RED 4,200
15 25 105,000 cloth 1d *2, *3 BLUE 4,200
16 25 105,000 manual 1d *2, *3 GREEN 4,200
17 25 105,000 cloth 1d *2, *3 PURPLE 4,200
18 25 105,000 manual 1d *2, *3 YELLOW 4,200
19 2 5,500 cloth 1m *1 2,750
20 100 297,000 stone 2d *3, *4, *5 stock food 2,970

Common/Uncommon specific coloured “food” (TC5-TC9 and TC14-18) require more ham.


Do more tc11. I have 5 years worth in mine. A year in my tc20’s. We don’t know what hero academy wants from us. Saving 1000 recruits is just 500k food. That’s like 5 big mana potions.


As a hopefully more helpful reply (I didn’t realise you were serious at first), I usually run 3 x TC11 and one TC20. If I want to get rid of resources and/or am in a hurry I empty out one of the 11’s and run it as 19, or 1 if short of food. It’s a bit of a job shuffling out of one TC and into another without losing troops or food though, as you’ve discovered. Currently I have about 45 days’ worth of feeders in each of the 11’s and coming up to 200 days in 20. Come Atlantis time I’m always shorter of food than recruits, as I imagine most people are. That’s when TC1 is most useful.

Lol, what to do with 2 TC 11? One is more than enough. And if somehow HA will require thousands of recruits, I do 10000 in several minutes with loot tickets during AR (6/8). That’s the reason in the first place I have more than enough. I farmed a lot over there. But now I don’t have any need of recruits. My 3* and 4* roster is complete. My 5* legendaries are maxed (or waiting for a D blade like Kingston). Therefore I don’t need training for years.

I just meant do more tc11 training. Just curious, how many maxed 5’s do you have?

I still don’t understand what you are saying. I will say again. I have training over a year. And I keep the feeders in there, for emergencies, at least 500 (emergency like an unexpected pulled hotm). For every current project I use elemental, therefore I have ready for Kingston few hundreds greens. And 2 TC 20 because I still don’t have Lianna and I hope she will come one day.

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