Question about getting better titans?


I’ve searched the forums and have yet to find a topic discussion regarding how to get stronger titans. We are a new alliance, made up of some veteran players and newbies. We’ve been around for almost a week and still getting 1* titans. Our newbies take it down in minutes. One or two of our veteran players can take it out with their 3 flags. How do we get stronger titans? What is it based off of?


No one knows the exact formula, but it is based on your titan score. The score gives a range that titans can come in. Thus, as your score raises, so will ypur titans. Titans won’t necessarily come in order meaning you could go straight to 3* w/o having a 2*. Also you could kill a 4* and get a 3* the next time based on the score range.
Clear as mud


So, how do we up the titan score? Is it better if the big boys take her down with a few hits because they have stronger hits, or let more littles take it down with more hits but less damage at once?


Not sure. May just be for killing it. I don’t think anyone knows for sure if time or # of hits is a gactoe. I suspect not based on gameplay exp, but I could be wrong. Totans scores to decay over time as well.


Just keep killing titans. Eventually harder ones will come!


@Fledoble my bigger members are starting to get frustrated. Which I don’t blame them! I’m trying to give them some sort of incentive to stay and keep killing these pathetic creatures lol


Yeah, I get that :slight_smile:

But to the best of my knowledge the only thing that makes the number or *'s on the Titan go up, is killing the titans you get.


Let everybody hit once. Do not let big hitters shot it instantly. Try do it fast, but with a whole team. You will get higher titans sooner.


I don’t think this makes any difference to the next spawn; the whole experience is just an annoying step in every new alliance’s progression.

I’m also not certain that it’s dependent on Titan score, AFAIK just whack the current ones and somewhere between 1 and roughly 4 times later you go up a step; I haven’t ever gone up 2 steps though I have seen a drop from 9 to 7 before.

If I were starting an alliance think I’d just kill up to a 3* on my own before even trying to recruit at all anyway, 1*'s there’s no good way to solve the problem except to get to higher level titans.


My alliance went from 2* to 4* before it ever had a 3*


When your Alliance is small and consists of few members you will get 1* or maybe 2* titans. We just started and we had 1* and when we started growing the titans became stronger and now he have our first 6* and it took about a week