How to Emblem Zimkitha

I currently have Zim +20, but I was reviewing emblems, only to find out I didn’t stick to either the attack or the defense path, I kind of went about 2/3 defense and 1/3 attack. I wanted to see what peoples’ opinions were on how Zim should be emblemed. Currently, her stats are 780/791/1605.

Also, would it be worth it to re-emblem for a slight shift in stats?

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How do you primary use her?

IMHO, if she is on your defense, the full defensive path makes sense as the slightly more defensive stats could make her fire her special just this one time more to win the battle.

If you mainly use her on offense, I don’t think that it makes a difference. If you have played some raids with her, you exactly know when to support her, who to place on her side etc…

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I’d do this either way:

that’s just me though

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Thank you for the advice all. After looking at my heroes/troop levels, I went ahead with @Rigs suggestion. I only took Zim to +19, as I don’t currently have the mana troop to support the level 20 mana node. Instead, I threw those extra emblems on Gazelle.

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I went as much defense and HP as possible


Not much use for me if she is on the offensive route. I prefer if she can survive and launch her skill.

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I went Attack>Defense>Health.

She is often my last hero standing on bad boards / raid losses, so her survivability is plenty high in the attack path. I don’t see a need for any other path unless you want to tank her.

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hmm think i would have taken one more d node somewhere

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Edit - 19th node i took crit, over defence.

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Why not?

Crit on a hit all can be nice.
More damage. Health 1500+ and att 700+ is enough to go the dynamite. If node 19 isn’t mana, it doesn’t really matter. All in all the stats are relatively equal no matter what you choose.

I went attack all the way. Stopped her @+18 for now. Freya, Gulli, Kvasir & Melia got the others.

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crit doesn’t trigger on special skills

it’s a 2% rng chance

the defense stat is guaranteed

the crit could trigger on a minion strike but she’s not even guaranteed to trigger a minion

most newer players are working on mana troops so the crit chance isn’t even stacked with crit troops

i can probly keep goin about why not…


I have only 2 above 18, Heimdall+20 just because and Frigg+19 since she’s the best hero right now imo. The last 2 nodes are too expensive for what you get in return. 5 nodes for somebody else seems to be the better choice in most cases.

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for offense i agree

for war d i go until stat increases stop. only exception was guin cause she didn’t deal damage so stopped at like 16 instead of taking the rest of the nodes that were attack increases


My belly decides :rofl:

Usually I am very rational, but RNGsus often teaches me better.

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It trigers on deffence.
Deffence #turn attacks critical triggers most of the time.
And with critical troops, and on tiles on offence.

And on titans it triggers on tilles as well. :).

without data, that sounds like confirmation bias

2% chance is not going to trigger “most of the time”

even a maxed crit troop won’t trigger “most” of the time based on the % chance which is in smaller ratio to the % chance it won’t trigger

Rigs i know i will keep it next time. Had one but lost somewhere in the flood. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No it trigers most of the time. Check yourself on war field deffences. Kitty is heavy there. But not with current meta. But she she is pretty good.

i wouldn’t mind being proven wrong

just on paper i don’t see how a 17% chance to proc can accumulate to something triggering more than 50% of the time

of course no data on my end so can’t say it’s not possible. just sayin i doubt it.

and yea i do believe zim is a good flank. no argument there.

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