Zimkitha talent grid


As the topic suggests, what are you thinking is be the best route for emblemming Zimkitha?
I lean on going the def+hp route since her main job is not dealing damage, but being more of a supportive hero. I guess you could argue that boosting her attack would make her even more viable in a stack with Wilbur and against titans, but I think she would serve her main purpose in my raid/war defence.
I would really appreciate some insight on this.

Thank you.

You are right, since she’s a support hero. Maybe this thread will help you making other decisions, though I see you know what to do :slight_smile:

For some reason I didn’t see that thread when searching. Thank you!

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I put atk and def on Zim. I feel that her HP is already quite high, and her main talent gives her some sustain. Zim’s special does not scale that hard with atk, but it still helps her tile damage.

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Here is how I have gone so far to +6. Hope that helps


Same here, I went attack. Maybe I’ll stop when I cross 800+ atk :grin: :hot_face:

I kinda just wanted the plant minion :evergreen_tree:


there are repeated options att/def and att/HP. which will give Zim kitty more survival? I’m stuck in the same decision

Atk/def for any hero, no matter the class, rank, role, etc…


Help! Does anyone have a picture of Zimkitha talent path? I have 1400 Druid emblems and I want to emblem her for tomorrow’s 5* Rush tournament. A picture would be great! Thx!

Sorry I’m a few hours late to help u in this Raid Tournament but u should go Atk-Def route all the way with Zim… If u grab every Health node u can get Zim up to 1714 Health but her Element Link will only get u like 68 pts of Health each turn… Her main job is Support/Cleanse so she needs the extra D protection… Plus she boosts atk by 25% when she fires so getting her Atk up as high as possible really helps her Tile Damage not to mention her AOE Special…


It’s only like a 10 pt Recovery Difference between her Base 1454 Health & her max 1714 Health, not nearly enough to justify taking the Health nodes…

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Thanks for the info @Fenix9119. @Guvnor posted a picture of the suggested talent grid path.


Here’s mine:

I might swap node 11 to sword if I did it again…MIGHT.


Thanks @Rduke77! I went with @Guvnor’s talent grid as I was trying to have Zimkitha ready for the 5* tournament. Node 11 is different, but otherwise, they are similar. Thanks again! :wink:

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