Zeline emblems

Which way would you go? Here is roster and here is what she would look like with attack emblems vs health/defense. Can get her to 19 emblems.

It depends on what you want to use her for-if she will be mainly for defence, go defence route, if you plan to use her a lot on raids and titans attack path. Personally I am going with the balanced path on mine, (favouring attack) as I want her to have good survivability but also high attack power.


I am with @Maltkitty.


It looks like you are looking to used Zeline on defense so defense path makes sense, but even if it was purely for offense like I do I would still go defense route. I feel she’s one of those heroes who is attacking but does so much more than that with her dispel and attack debuff that its more important for her to survive then be the main damage dealer. I originally went attack path with mine but reset for defense path (although I only have her at +6 at the moment as I need the emblems elsewhere).

Okay cool. Appreciate all your guys input on this and yes, it will be defensive.

i went all attack/defense, she is amazing!

I go for def health and ignore attack cause i don’t want her easily died by riposte

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