How to Emblem Zimkitha

Deffences in raids and in wars always gets +20 extra deffence, but its always hidden mode. And #critical also trigers more than 50% times as i observed. Luck or something else, i hav no idea

defense & attack stats increase +20%
but that doesn’t apply to heals, mana, or crit as far as i know

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Check it yourself and confirm.
125 emblems critical never goes useless.

I prefer health > defense > attack on druids; and would of gone with crit too

With so many ways to lower defense or little rule bends / changes to pierce, burn, breakthrough these days — often as scalable — health (or avoidance skills) keep me upright while I figure out the rest…

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would take a lot of data to confirm that

to “test” it

i would say probly need to see at least 100 slash attacks with crit troop but without the node

then 100 slash attacks with crit troops and the node

that’s just in defense.

in offense to prove it on tiles, sample of 100 tiles in each of the same scenarios and making sure other reds have no crit boost whatsoever in both scenarios

would probly be enough to lean one way or the other

probably still not absolutely definitive…this is where i wish @Garanwyn was still around cause he’d take ya up on that and run 1k samples of each scenario lol, he was a data collecting/analayzing machine. whereas i just look at “17% chance of this happening”, “83% chance of this not happening”, and lean to it’s probably not happening most of the time, maybe that stems from being a bettin man, idk.

either way it’s your hero, if you feel it helps then roll with it


i rarely go heavy on health

considered it when DoTs were becoming heavily prevalent in the game

but game is shifting again back to direct damage(odin/frigg apparently) so think I’ll stick with typical route of att+def as much as possible, outside of tank where I’m likely to go def+health as much as possible(of course not Always as different heroes could cause me to choose a different path i guess)

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‘strong’ often saves my buttom :wink: on att and I would like to know how it is on def, but that’s not that important, since my def always holds about 2.6 to 2.65 K cups, no matter if it falls from 2.9 or 2.7.

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Agreed. As long as no more stats up I will stop. Mine is at +19.

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