To ascend my 4* or not?

Hi there, 2.5 months into the game. I have only 1 5*- magni and a few 4*s namely




Wu kong


My team looks like this

I learned not long ago that the rate limiter for this game is ascension materials. Them being hard to come by. I was able to fully ascend boldtusk, and raise magni to 3/50+. I just got my 4th traptools and can ascend a purple hero. As of the moment i only have sabina. My question is if i should go ahead and ascend her or wait for another (more worthy?) purple 4*?

Sabina is good enough as first purple 4*, there are some purples that are clearly better as the Atlantis’ hero Proteus but she is a good hero to deal with counterattacks and buffs.

Sabina was my first purple 4* and I would not hesitate to ascend her. She is good to have as a healer, dispeller and has decent tile damage.

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I would put WuKong last in your line-up, so that when he fires, he doesn’t potentially mess up your other specials with his Miss.

He’s a great hero though, especially if you don’t yet have Ranvir.

Getting Magni in your first 2.5 months is excellent!

Sabina is fine to level…I still use mine now (2 years later) in one of my war teams.

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Sabina was my second four-star and first four-star healer. She was a long-time staple of my lineup and still gets plenty of use at +18! Yes, Rigard is better, but if you are like me, it could take a long time to pull Rigard. Plus, Sabina is (I think) the only healer available for sorcerer class trials, which can make a big difference. I wouldn’t hesitate on her at all.

All that said, I assume someone has shared with you the value of leveling two rainbow teams of three-stars before you get too carried away with four-stars. If not, see my standard speech on the subject here (mostly the first couple of paragraphs). If you’re already running into ascension material issues, you should well be able to appreciate the value of a deep three-star bench, given where you are in the game.

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Yup. I have begun maxing out a few 3*s enough for 2-3 rainbow teams.

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Thanks for the tips… im going to ascend her right away then!

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