How many healers in wars

Im wondering how many healers is enough when it comes to wars? I have mono team in every colour. My max healers are Heimdal, Vivica, Kiril, Sabina, costumed Rigard, 2x Boldtusk, 2x Melendor. Curently maxing Gulinbursti. I have a few untouched duplicates of gulinbursti, and rigard. How many of those should i max? Or maybe what i have already is enough?

i often bring two healers with each attack. I’m kill 5.5/6 on average eat war


Same…I usually go 3/2 stacks and try to bring a healer of each color.


Once I’ve heard on the forum that you can’t have too many healers. :slight_smile:
I hardly every take more than one in alliance war. The only exception is Telluria, Vella, Gravemaker trio. In this case I prefer to have cRigard + cBoldtusk.

Unfortunately, in 5* healers I only have Vivica, but in 4* I have plenty and continue maxing more. Right now I’m working on 3d cBoldtusk and 2d cKirill.

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It depends largely on two factors:

  1. What your play style is… Are you reliant on healers? or are you more a “kill em dead” kinda player?

  2. how you specifically war… If you are a Mono Player vs. a 3-2 vs. a rainbow player, it changes how your team structure is based…

    • Mono you can get away with 0-1 healers as it is more based on dealing damage fast
    • 3-2 it is best to have A healer (maybe a second if you’re a bit more of a slow-and-steady player)… Preference given to a healer who is also a cleanser but others work well if you have another cleansing option available.
    • Rainbow is the opposite end. Typically these fights are tile slogs & you need to be able to out-last the defence. So 2 healers is a solid bet here… Best if you also have other characteristics to the healers such as Attack Buffs, Defence Debuffs, Cleanse, HP Boost, Reviving etc… All of which boost the tile slog/ extend the fight in your favour.

The other major factor is how you colour stack… If you are mainly sticking to a “strong” colour stacking with your healers, more of each type is better… For example I know some players that have 6x Boldtusks & 6x Rigards levelled so they can have two healing options. One which is “strong colour” against green tank meta & the other which is off-colour as an insurance…

Hope that helps/ makes sense.


I’m more of a “kill em dead” player, running 5 mono & 1 rainbow-ish, usually no healers. I might use 1 hero depending on who opponent is using but healer will be same color.


Thanks for replies. I will make few rigards and maybe one or two gullinbursties. Hope its enough.

The easist metric you can use is if you get to flag 5&6 (or earlier) and think “gee i wish i had another copy of xyz”

then you know tat you could do with another copy :stuck_out_tongue: