War defense . Field Aid

Hello guys. Do you set any kind of heroes in healing war ? Or simply stick to your strongest ones

I was thinking in adding either Rigard or kashhrek to this healing war.

My team is this

What do you think ? Is It better go tanky ? Or more agressive in healing war defense

This is my other option

Instead of tibs c.rig


Someone a little help here?

Well depend on opponent roster but more than 3 healers than you’ll lack fire power…
But if they loose by time and left 1 healer only that can be tricky… Personally I won’t recommend more than 2 healers they buy you time… But if you opponent kills your strikers first it’s just a matter of time until they win…
It’s really hard to me to say because I don’t face that lvl alliances so idk who you’ll find.


Melendor is pretty weak on defense, any other green options? I agree with @Rfm more than two healers is overkill. May drag out the battle against opponents weak teams, but it’s going to lose more often than not. I’d rather have Rigard than Mel as your second healer if possible though. FWIW, I never run more than one in my defense. One healer with 4 killers works best.

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My other green option is little John or Kashhrek (Who i dont like very much )
But i wouldnt consider mel weak compared with my other green options

You’re right about that. Mel is the best you got. I’d still say just 2 healers, Tibs for Rigard then.


I got caedmon today .
Should i take emblems from Melendor and give them to caedmon? I know the priority is give the emblems to Vela but she is strong enough right now while the lacking of a 5* green is something i really notice


when the field aide is up, they are working with an extra healer, that mean trying to go only with one healer when attacking.

Caedmon is a really solid option. Some emblems would probably help but it depends on the level of your competition as far as a necessity. I think it’d be a good choice if its needed to make Caedmon viable. Vela is one of the best 5 star druids and will get them eventually, but if shes strong enough without them, for the moment Caedmon is a great choice. Congratulations.

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