Healers need limits

I feel that if you have more than 2 healers you are cheating. There are healers that can heal a lot and if you have more than 2 how are you supposed to kill them if they heal in some way each time? Not to mention if in war you can’t really use any buffs to prevent them. I’ve had nothing but problems with this game and nothing has helped. I think there should be a limit to how many healers you have before you get debuffed/penalized for it. I’ve said something about this before and nothing has been done

I prefer teams enemies with healers. Their specials don’t hurt me. I can just pick off their heroes while they aren’t using their specials attacking me.

There are many heroes who steal or block healing that may help. Silence essentially has the same effect.


I use the healers as tile dumps (especially if they don’t overlooked the bar) then pick off the offensive heroes one by one, at the end ghost for specials then kill healers.

If you want to post some examples of teams you are struggling against and your roster people can maybe give more helpful suggestions


I faced a team yesterday with four healers, 2 of them rezzers. I took out the lone hitter 3 times :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Long, drawn out battle but I won eventually.

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I can’t get those heros without paying for it. Been on this game for over a year and don’t have a full team of 4 star hero’s yet. So when I face a full team of healers it’s pointless for me to try anything

That’s the struggle early in the game. This is where Kashhrek and Boril work decently as tanks where attackers have limited rosters. I promise you it gets better (at least from the healer perspective). Teams you are struggling with today will be easy in a few months.


Even before I have full team of 4*, defense with too many healers (3 or more) are my prey in war. My alliance teammate struggle against them as they don’t understand the trick, so I take the role of taking them out in 1 flag. I especially like fighting against team with 5 healers, it is like guaranteed victory for me.

It is so easy to deal with team with more than 2 healers as long as you know the trick.

First of all, don’t bring heroes that hit all enemy (except anti-minion if the enemy have bulky minion summoners), bring snipers instead. Hit 3 is okay as long as they reduce defense, don’t forget to bring 2 healers of your own.

Hold on firing your offensive special, wait untill 2-3 snipers are ready, focus the fire on reviver or dangerous heroes first. Once those heroes are out, they are toothless, keep hold on firing offensive special untill 2-3 snipers are ready, took the remaining heroes 1 by 1.

If enemy have bulky minion summoners, you should bring anti-minion.


When I still have limited roster, I beat Kashhrek very easily with team of 3 blues and 2 purples. Tank like Kashhrek or Zulag who only heal 3 while fully focus on defense without boosting offense are my snacks. I never lost to Zulag tank in AW.


Healers are not the ones that are the problem, Ressers I find are the problem. They seriously take the fun away from anything. If your team is half dead, just rely on BS rng to win. If they’re dead, they should remain dead. The only ressers that are acceptable are Tyr and atomos

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What? You serious mate? I’m always thrilled to face 2 healer in enemy’s team. 5 healers would be the best thing I could wished for! I can always take my own sweet time to just take them out one by one. Perhaps you are still at the early stage of the game. Be patient, build up your roster, it will be easy.

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That’s the way I do it against healer heavy teams as well, sometimes takes longer to win but definitely works


Mana cut/suppression is also good. They can’t heal with no mana.

I came across a team with four healers during the last Bloody Battle tournament. Now that’s where you can’t complain too much about an unbalanced team (unless it’s your own, and you forgot to update it - been there).


I don’t have them I got almost all the three star hero’s the only 4 stars I have are grim, Mel, Sonya. I’ve gotten so many 3 stars it’s not funny. I’ve used gems to try for new heros still get 3 stars. I use Hawkmoon and Mel as my healers cause I don’t have 4 star red and she is my strongest red

You’ll be getting three star heroes for the majority of the game. It’s a curse that afflicts all of us.

Best of luck in your search of a better hero!

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How am I supposed to play the game if I can’t progress? I’m limited to a point of heros. I shouldn’t have to wait this long to get 4 or 5 stars.

How long have you been playing?

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Base healers (no healing boost, not ressurection) are not problem, as they don’t have devastating specials. Bring One healer and 4 fast snipers (on VF some huge damagers), wait until all four are charged and bam you should kill one hero or more. Now ressurection heroes are the problematic, especially if they are 2 and one of them is MN, those need to be destroyed first. Mana slow-down, mana-stop, silence helps a lot too.

If you doing free pulls in Atlantis, Valhalla, underwilds, the events/challenges each month you’ll get a 4* and 5* soon enough.

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I just wish to point out that it is not only how long you play the game but also how much time you invest in it.
I play roughly the same amount of time as you do. I never paid real life money for a single hero. I have countless 4* heroes and several teams of 5* heroes. This did not come just because I waited a year+ for these heroes to come. It came because I invested my time and completed all the game objectives on a daily basis.


Some players go well over a year before getting their first Legendary hero. This game is for the long haul. I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing, but the best advice you’ll get is to either A) keep grinding or B) spend money.

I promise it gets easier, but there’s always some better hero that you don’t have.

There are many ways to play the game with what you have. If you can’t beat raids, then you aren’t really too far behind as Raids don’t really progress the game per se.