Accession items

I’m close to being able to Ascend a few heros.

I’m building out my 4* team (Rigard, Li Xiu, Grimm, Boldtusk & Kashhrek) will need these to get to level 4. I’m good with accession items for Grimm, Boldtusk and Kashhrek but I need some advice for Rigard & Li Xiu. Need Trap Tools and Orb of Magic (have 2) and only have one Compass. Really want to finish up these 4* teams and looking to plan out what I need to get these guys done.

I finally joined an alliance so maybe I’ll see them there, but I have not seen many in the quests. Any ideas where to find them would be helpful.

U can get an Orb from Shiloh Quest probably at the end of this week…then about 10 days later u can get Trap Tools from Morlovia Quest…

Being in a pretty active alliance helps more than anything else, since my main source of *3 & *4 materials has been Titan, Titan Chest and once in a while War Loots and War Chest…just last week I got 2 tome of tactics (one from rare quest the other from regular titan loot), one scope from a rare titan, some darts from a titan chest and one tonic from a regular titan…


Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep pounding away to try to get them. The alliance seems pretty active so I’m hoping it’s gonna lead to the mats I need.

@Zoran Be on the lookout for elemental chests from time to time because they have a high enough chance to yield the rare ascension mats. That has been a source of rare ascension mats for me and I have been lucky so far. They will appear in either your monsters slot, heroes slot, or your titan slot. They don’t appear very often but when they do, take full advantage.


I have been trying for months to get darts to ascend Justice and my patience is wearing thin with this game. I’m in an alliance, fight every Titan, play every special quest, and I get zilch.
I think this is madness

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Welcome to the forums!

Next rare quest is Shiloh Desert. You’ll be able to get darts there :slight_smile:


@Aunty_Krauser thanks for the heads up on where to look

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@Panda1969 I’m learning this game is all about patience and then more and more patience. Maybe a side of frustration as well.

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Been waiting for compass well 3 for ages! Got two the other day n trap tool!
They do come eventually, plus aswell gave me a bit of a chance to level some others! Good your in a alliance now just fill them chests up! Plus mystic vision does give out, got a telescope from that! Keep at it n good luck

There is still hope for this game lol. Thank you!!!

I’m not a fan of patience lol
After months of trying, ya kinda lose said patience :sweat:

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I’ve stopped summoning with gems. I have a lot of heroes undeveloped and who will never get developed thanks to the extremely slow rate of gaining high level mats. There’s no need to add to the roster of heroes sitting on the bench.

I’m very active, do all the quests, and we win most of our wars. Maybe the alchemy lab will help with that but I’m not holding my breathe.

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Yep. Patience is obviously key, the other main thing is to understand that 4* heroes make up the bread and butter of the game. If you don’t get the ascension mats to bring up your desired hero, just let them stay there for awhile and move on to starting the next in line.

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Please keep us posted and congrats on finding a solid active alliance. That can be hard to do nowadays. :slight_smile:


Rigard before lixiu if you’re short on compass.

If you do pull atlantis, then you’ll get an ascension mat for every 10 pulls so you can get tools, compasses or 4* mats from there as well.

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@Panda1969 I get it. I try but like you it drives me insane at times.

@h0nkyJ I had to do that with Colen & Hu Tao. Moved on to Rigard, Li Xiu, Grimm, Kashhrek and Boldtusk. I’m gonna be stuck with a few of these to get to 4 but I’ll just keep moving on leveling up others.

@GrootBeard I may take this approach as well. Didn’t stop to think about it that way, but makes total sense.

I found i got a lot more ascension items from titans after we started hitting lvl 9* titans and higher. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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