At what level did 3* ascension materials start to flow?

Hello everyone,

Ive played a lot of Empires and Puzzles over the pandemic. I started playing last year in March or April. I have to say it really has been nice having an engaging game to get lost in during this time, so kudos to Small Giant. Over the last couple months or so, Ive hit a bottleneck that’s been irking me. Ive leveled about 16 4* heroes to 3.60 and have been waiting for compasses to drop. Recently we had Farholme Pass, so I was able to get one. But tbh, its getting boring leveling heroes to 3.60 for war just to have to hold them there while waiting for compasses.

Ive been trying to wrap my head around where I am in the process and what if() block in the games code I havent triggered to true yet. The most common advice Ive received on the topic to date is:

  1. Join an alliance that defeats 8*+ Titans regularly

  2. The game is full of bottlenecks that have no rhyme or reason, it is what it is.

As for 1, a several weeks ago I did leave the alliance I was in searching for one that took on 8* titans or better. The search took about a week, but I found one that would take me at lvl 33 with cups at Gold Arena levels. I’ve been getting more 3* ams in the titan/war loots and titan chests, but no compasses yet.

As for 2, its a freemium game and I understand that its going to be designed to incentivize players to spend money. I mean, capitalism, right? However, the members of my alliance have been pretty vocal about the loot they receive from titans and war. And it seems the higher level players get compasses more frequently.
When talking to them about it they are understanding and talk about patience, youll get there, etc. And I believe them. So this all is the context that brings me here to ask the greater community a few questions.

Do you remember at what level you started seeing more 3* ams in your loot, chests, mystic visions?

Once your stronghold was leveled to 20, did you notice loot being better?

At what point in your progress (overall level, stronghold/other buildings level, raid arena level, etc…) did you feel you were able to move away from training 4* heroes to training 5* heroes?

I generally spend money on the game here and there. I’ll opt in to Path of Valor and occasionally bite on a $1.99 when I’m feeling spicy (the game has learned what offers to push to me!). If you could, please also share a rough idea of what you spend on the game so that can be taken into account.

Thanks for reading!


My experience was somewhat different. I could swear, also I have some data to support that belief, is that last 3-4 months there’s lower drop rate of ascension mats. Even though I’m already level 55, I do well in tournaments, most of my titan scores are A grade etc.

So, still it looks like RNG, a bad one. I live in hope it’s just temporary. None of the members of my alliance is struggling with 3* asc mats, but I do. Now hidden blades are the bottleneck, before it was something else. Don’t event want to go in 4* asc mats territory… So yeah, you never can tell. :man_shrugging:t2:


I dont know if it has to do with player level. I dont remember when the overflow of 3☆ items started but it did.

My stockpile is not that big because im still working in my heroes, for example i have used 8 orbs for Odin last month.

I have 40 maxed 4☆ so you have to notice that i have spent lots of mats besides those you see on the picture. Keep killing titans, dont loose any rare quest and try to complete the challange events and you will be fine

When you feel you can perform well in the game with a solid 4☆ backbone. I started working on 5☆ when i feel that the 5☆ i was ascending was going to be game changing for me among the 4☆ heroes i already had.
(Always that you have the mats to max the 5☆ )

In that moment if i remember well, i had around 20 4☆ heroes and i got Vela. I got the mats to max her so i did. She was my first maxed 5☆, then a couple of weeks later i maxed Joon (now i have 15 maxed 5☆) so you will sooner or later grow your roster if you keep playing. But remember that a 4☆ star heroes is really cheap to build on and adds versatility to your teams.
So dont forget to keep working on them, at some point i recommend you to try the on colour feeding, if you are interested in, let me know.


Compass still adviod me I’m lvl 54 I have like 6 but my other 3* mats are much higher.
Some people have issues with gloves. Or have Less or more tome or D. Blades
I do find if I get one compass I’ll get a few more after. Just how it is get the frustrating part of hero’s at 3/60 then you have another 5 there and who gets it.


I started in spring 2018 as a complete f2p player. Back then, there weren’t many possibilities for f2p to get some heroes, pulls were limited to golden hero tokens and gems. There were only monthly events and you could only pull there with gems.

So I started leveling 3* heroes, I was in a small alliance maybe 10-15 players hitting 4-5* titans. 3* mats came faster than 4* heroes, my first 4* was merlin with a lucky 300 gems pull after some months of playing. At that time I was able to max him instantly (not with feeders, they were short, but I had all the mats). Even after reaching Tc 13 I had more mats than heroes.

After around 8 months late 2018 I started spending and changed my Alliance now hitting 7-8* titans, after that I got 4* heroes much faster, but I already had some mats gathered.
I never really run into a bottleneck with 4* heroes and 3* mats. I’m sure it’s different if you pay from the beginning, even if it’s little, but if you don’t have the heroes in the beginning you will get enough mats to level the heroes when you eventually get them
5* heroes is another chapter, I’m still short of 4* mats.


Doesn’t depend on level really, more like it depends on what titans your alliance beats and how well are you doing against them. In my case I was lucky to pull Miki half year into the game, so I had a major power boost against them rather quickly (even 3/70 Miki is useful against 8*-9* titans). 7*-8* titans start giving 3* AM on more regular manner. Of course the higher the better - today we killed 12* and with A rating I got 3 unfarmable 3* AM. Obviously this is rather lucky draw, but I frequently get at least one 3* AM from 11* titan.

So, concentrate on titans, because to me it seems the most reliable source of 3* AM.


Hey @PierreLampre,
I’ve been in your shoes and I know the feeling. In my first 6-8 months of playing, compasses were the mats that I was getting the least as well… I even bought few deals that had offered compasses, I was that desperate to level up my 4* heroes. Now I have enough 3* mats to even share them, if I only could.

I’ve been playing for 2 years, currently lvl 72 player with all the buildings maxed out and fighting 10-11* titans. I’m very active and participate in all the activities.
I’m not gonna lie and say that all my mats came from being F2P, I used to spend money on the game and some of the mats were purchased or from bonus chests( like Atlantis, Valhalla etc.,) . Now I’m very C2P, only buying the POV Pass.

And after 2 years I managed to max out:
26- 5* heroes
60- 4* heroes
12- 5* heroes stuck at 3/70.

There are always dry spells when it comes to 3*& 4* mats and you’ll always get short of some mats. The game is not designed to give them out easily. I keep records of all the mats and there are weeks I barely get any 3* mats or months where I get only 2-3 4* mats (not counting rare quests where they are guaranteed).

My recommendation is to be patient and try to participate in all the activities possible, even if you might not get high scores or complete them all yet.

RNG is RNG and sometimes it might get generous enough to drop you mats when the least expected… like 3* mats from escaped titans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep grinding and happy gaming! :wink:


Seems like everyone has one thing they can’t get enough of. For me, for about the first year, it was compasses. I resorted to buying some. The best offers I remember are during seasonal events.

The best free source for 3* unfarmable mats are titans. If you’re in C grade on 8* titans, you’re in Loot Tier VIII, which will give you 2 chances at ascension items. Moving up to Loot Tier IX will give you 3 ascension item drops, so increasing your odds by 50% of getting an unfarmable mat in titan loot

Increase loot tier by getting B grade or above, or by killing bigger titans.


A more comprehensive and recent study:


This explains so much. Thank you.

So, I couldn’t say that I started seeing more 3* AM in loot, chests, or mystic visions. Rather, in my case it is a combination of things.

  1. I generally don’t have many unique 4* heroes, and I got them later than most, so I was able to stockpile AMs. So, lower usage means no shortage.
  2. There seem to be more sources of AMs. I forget if completing challenge events always gave AMs, but it seemed to be that once I was able to complete them, my stockpile started to get larger. Then there’s the PoV, special quests… they all add up, particularly if you have a limited supply of 4/5*.

We’re generally in the 7-9* titan range, but even then AMs are kind of iffy (I say that even though I just got a sturdy shield on the latest one).

I never really had a shortage of 3* AMs, and the game had a fun sense of humor, giving my warm capes all the time without any blue heroes, but regardless, I have maxed 24-5* heroes and 56-4* heroes with 3-5* heroes at 3/70. When you include costumes for some of them, I’ve used up quite a few. That’s after playing as FTP over 2.5 years or so.

I am a level 65 player and have been around for a while. I have a friend who is currently level 32 and has a crazy roster for that level(Granted he does dip into the pocket quite often).

He is forever complaining about Fine Gloves and Compasses… I never really kept track of 3* AM, as I always kinda just seemed to have em when needed. Currently I have approximately 70 of each 3* material, including gloves and compasses.

I think at some point they kinda just build up. I remember very well though that I waited for 16 years for a hidden blade to ascend my first 5*(Azlar) although I had 8 Mystic Rings ready. At some point I remember my alliance doing a rain dance and song for warm capes, as everyone needed em and no one was getting em.

Hang in there. Sooner rather than later you will see that you have more than you have need for :grin:!

Current Inventory:

I was stuck in my old alliance that hits 4*-6* titans before, and I experienced that bottleneck of ascension materials. I was only able to complete one 5* hero, 14 4* heroes, and 11 3* heroes within the whole seven months of my stay there.

After moving to my current alliance that hovers between 11*-13* titans, I have seen improvement in my titan loots. I now regularly get the 3* unfarmable ascension materials needed for 4* heroes and third tier of 5* heroes.

My current inventory of 3* ascension materials is as follows:

Compass - 10
Fine Gloves - 9
Hidden Blades - 11
Orb of Magic - 26
Sturdy Shield - 14
Warm Cape - 11
Trap Tools - 4

And all of these in my inventory are after I have completed seven 5* heroes (six more from my old alliance), 25 4* heroes (11 more from my old alliance), and 22 3* heroes (11 more from my old alliance) within just four months in my current alliance, so far.

So, yes, the advice given to you regarding defeating higher leveled titans is correct, for they provide more rolls for ascension materials - more potential source of 3* unfarmable ascension materials. What 3* unfarmable ascension material the titan loot gives you, though, is not guaranteed. As you can see in my inventory, RNG loves giving me Orbs of Magic. Hahaha :grinning:

There is only one truth to what happened to you.

There is absolutely no guarantee you will ever get any compasses at all.
It is all random.
A fellow alliance member can have a hundred of them and you can still wait for your first.

May the RNGesus be with you and bless you with compasses!

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There are ways to get compasses and other unfarmable ascension mats, and those are called Rare Quests (Mount Umber is up and running currently, Farholme’s Compass + Damascus blade was a week ago) and Challenge events (upon completion, you get rare mats, don’t compete over more, not worth it IMHO).

There was also a deal recently which gave a compass + a hidden blade for 500 gems, which I find tolerable since it’s not for $.

So far I’ve noticed such deals pop up at the last saturday of December and January (Jan’s was shield + gloves), so I guess the next one will be at the last saturday of February hopefully and will give a compass since the previous one was with gloves.

Also keep hitting those titans and don’t despair, at some point you will get more than you can hope for gloves and compasses.

Edit: As someone mentioned in a previous topic, unless you spend money on summons you will have more ascension mats than 4* and 5* heroes. If you spend on pulling from portals, then be prepared to spend on ascension mats as well. If you’re not spending but still have issues with ascension mats, just keep playing with 3/60 4*, with such heroes you can accomplish much, even finish rare quests last stage.

Edit: If you raid on higher arenas, you have a better chance of getting ascension mats from the Wanted: Heroes chest. For example, I noticed more compasses and gloves coming to me when I hit gold arena. Still a small % chance, keep that in mind and don’t bring your hopes too high.

Edit: @PierreLampre, If you are willing to spend just a bit, the Valor Pass could be the thing to go in the beginning of the game, but buy it just before the current Path of Valor ends so that you see if it’s really worth it. Valor challenges have upped up recently and most of them are now harder to complete for the newer-midgame players, so you may as well spend money in vain if you’re unable to achieve milestone 48 for that 4* unfarmable ascension mat(s).

Another thing to spend money on as a good offer is the VIP pass. Two builders are nice, and the gems are more over time than those you buy for $1.99. The monthly VIP gives you a total of roughly twice the gems you will buy for its value, although only 30 per day. There are also sweet VIP deals which add in extra 300-400 gems and reduce the monthly VIP cost almost by half, so I’d say those are definitely worth purchasing. Also you get loot tickets which are nice to have for the Atlantis Rises event, and probably also for the upcoming Valhalla Forever event, and some emblems too! Also the double regular portal pull per day is nice, plus it helps with one of the path of valor challenges.

The third thing you should consider is the Goblin baloon. You are forced to pay for all of the items inside, but sometimes you’d win a Rare or Legendary goblin chest when the baloon’s empty and will be offered a very nice item for a really low financial cost. Recently I got such a chest on an empty baloon and was offered to buy a Mysterious tonic for just $1.99 which is definitely worth it. I declined though.

What you should not give money for is the Ascension Packs. Those could theoretically give you an ascension item which you want. Then again, most of the time they will give you leather armor and boots…

Even recycling the goblin balloon (which I nearly always do), i.e. taking the random free loot instead of paying for the listed items, you sometimes get lucky. So worth keeping an eye on it.

Also if you have made any summons at events, check whether it was one with a loot chest because you may not have noticed there were some items sitting there for you! (I may or may not have done this at some point.) Atlantis for example fills a loot chest when you have done 10 summons.

I wonder if you are investing in the Alchemy Lab.

I am in a comforable alliance, but we only kill 7- and 8-star titans. I usually get grade A or A+, so ascension mats from titans are decent, but not overwhelming. However, I find that once I had my Alchemy Lab up and running, I am accumulating 3-star ascension mats at a good rate. Faster than I can use them anyway. However, I do know that some F2P players do not want to waste gems on the 10A transmutation slot, so this might not be a good option for you, or that they will take too long to build HA10.

(I have 50 4-stars and 5 5-stars who are fully ascended, with another 8 4-stars and 12 5-stars partially ascended. I still have ~30+ units per 3-star AMs and ~15+ per 4-star AMs in my inventory.)


@PierreLampre While it’s true you may not want to waste gems on the 10A slot, you can still farm the Alchemy Lab for alkashards which you can exchange for 3* AMs, with a small chance of 4*. If you get it to at least level 5, you can run 2 simultaneous recipes which will allow you to get 1000 alkashards in about 7-8 days, exchangeable for a AM.


I saw that thread when I was searching, but there’s a lot of information in it not relevant to the point I was trying to make and the information that I wanted to convey (the description of loot tiers) is not obvious.

I didn’t read through all comments and i am sure it has already been pointed out but still…

It has nothing to do with player level since leveling doesn’t give you any ascension mats.
What matters is:

  • Level of Titans you are fighting - higher level Titans, better CHANCE for materials (nothing guaranteed though). You would like to fight at least 10* Titans, ideally 14s and you will see very good positive difference in drop rates, especially for 3 materials.

  • Number of daily chests you complete - the more chests you complete daily, the higher CHANCE for ascension materials. An average example of that is x2 Monster Chests and x2 Raid Chests per day.

  • Monthly Challenge Events - aim for at least Tier completion where you get guaranteed a lot ascension materials from all three modes. If you have a chance to compete, rewards get even better. Gonna include here weekly Rare quests on the map, which also guarantee materials.

  • Weekly Tournaments and other events that are related with player’s performance (Mythic Titan for example), where the higher Tier you place in, the higher CHANCE for good rewards you get, ideally Top 1% - Top 5%.

  • Another Random Sources that are RNG - color chests, Summon Portal Chests, etc. Those are entirely luck/RNG dependent and could deliver very good rewards.

  • Another sources i might have missed.

For reference i am totally F2P player, never paid for any deals, and my inventory is not looking bad. Got quite a lot heroes ascended too in 2,5 years in the game.

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