How long did it take you to reach sh20/tc20?

How long did it take you guys to reach sh/tc 20?

Took from Aug 31st 18 - Dec 25th 18 to get fully researched tc20. Using only 2.5months of vip double builder

So just under 4 months


I’m slacking, I’m at 3 months and only got sh14 , sh15 in a few days.
Thank you tho I hope a few more people post.

I wish I could tell you exactly but I don’t remember. I’m a very active player but I’m sure it took me a long time.

My second profile got there more quickly once I knew better how to build my base.

This was before the introduction of the VIP pass, so it was all single building. If you’ve got the double builder, your time would be cut in half.


I started playing September 12, 2018. I started my first TC20 on February 14, 2019.

So, call it 5 months. :slight_smile: It can be done faster, but I didn’t push 100% for the TC20 goal from the moment I started the game, I only made a push after I learned enough about the game to know TC20 was something I wanted to prioritize.

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Started playing end of septembre 2018…reached tc 20 some weeks ago…after 20th of april…so almost 7 months…started VIP by the the start of february…so 2,5 months double builder

I’m playing since January 2019 and have used 3 months of Vip
My first Tc will be at 20 in 3 days. The second one is currently at 15, on its way to 20, while the other 2 are at 13 and will remain there.
My wife is playing F2P, started February 2019 and is currently Sh16, with 3 Tc13. Her iron storage are all 15.

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I’d have to check the forums for my actual date i finally got my TC20 up and running. It would include the 4 days of research. I started playing this game at the beginning of August and the VIP probably in October. I’m thinking it was end of December or beginning of January.

I started playing on January of 2018, wasn’t really concentrating on SH20 / TC20 shoot up so I had tried to level things all evenly. So perhaps some wasted opportunity there. It was around March of the same year that focus changed, and I am doing all this with out the help of VIP Pass second builder.

I would say around May of 2018 I got my Stronghold up to SH20, I believe at/around beginning of July of 2018 was when my first TC20 finally started production.

Honestly o cant remember the exact number of months i started the game at 29/jan/2018
I found a screenshot in May that i had sent to my brother who started at first week of Feb that my stronghold is at level 20
As i recall VIP was included somewhere at end of Feb and i did subscribe one month after that
My first TC was about a month after my SH to get to level 20 as i tried to one of each buildings for the mission rewards

January 2019 to May 2019

6 months… no VIP…


I started playing in August 2018 and I started legendary training in early January 2019.

Started playing early Feb 2019, VIP since March. SH just got to 20, will have tc20 in a couple of weeks. My husband started playing early Jan 2019, researching tc20 now. So yes, approximately 5 months for us both.

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I don’t remember exactly when I started playing - sometime in February '18. I reached TC20 in late July / early August. So 5-6 months. All F2P.

That is 4 months… fifth month - first month = 5 - 1 = 4 :joy:

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Ha yes ofc, thanks! It took us 4 months! I just associate May with five for obvious reasons… :>


started end of december and got it mid/end of April i guess (aprox 4 months with VIP-Pass all trough),
but i like to read a lot in Forums About such games when i start them, so i soon knew that the SH20 is really something important… so i definitely pushed it … for me it wasnt the legendary Training, it was the 4 trainingscamp to Train Feeders for my heroes… did some pulls and got lucky there… still dont aim for TC20 at the Moment…

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VIP is definitely worth it once you get around SH13/14, much faster way to rush your buildings. Not sure how long it took me but I definitely recommend the VIP as it makes the game a lot more fun to play during that period of building. Just a reminder that you’ll need all your iron storage at L18 I believe to have enough Iron to upgrade to SH20.

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For me, approximately 4 months with VIP to Sh20 and 2 weeks after to reach TC20, all with VIP.