How long did it take you to reach sh20/tc20?


I think it took me about 4 - 4.5 months.


5.5 months on my ftp account, didn’t keep track on the one with VIP.


About five months, and two VIPs (that’s all I’ve spent on the game). Now after about a year I have a full rainbow 5* 4/80 team, so I am quite happy as a F2P.


First hero popped out day 103. So day 101 when TC20 research complete. That’s with 60 days of VIP. Didn’t neglect my forges and farms while doing it either. So it doesn’t take so very long; but it really drags when going beyond SH15.


I started on 24nd of December and on Monday, 20th of May, my tc20 is ready including the research from tc20.


I took almost 6 months (November 23 - May 10, first pull from TC20 on May 12). I was not specifically prioritizing putting everything into getting TC20, and had almost a month where I let the VIP pass lapse. I’m about to have a second camp at TC19, so I will have 20/19/11/3 and can concentrate on getting the iron storages ready for SH21 (I actually may be close there – 20/20/19/18/17) and a house ready for advanced house.