How important is family bonus when choosing your defense?

My junior account has made some stellar pulls last half a year. Atm I’m running a defense:

I also have maxed Arthur+6 and pretty soon Morgan is also maxed, nearly 500 emblems waiting for her. Is family bonus good enough reason to pull Finley and Kingston out of def team and replace them with Arthur and Morgan? Seshat would be happy, getting Finleys emblems too.

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I jumped on the Sakura Family as soon as they came out thinking the mana boost would be just stupid OP allowing Kage to machine-gun the offense. While it is possible, it is highly unlikely. Even using the family on offense, it was nearly impossible to get everything to sync “just right”. Plus there were other downsides like having to use two 4-stars.

Ive looked at the other family and I don’t think I would ever run a full set of any of them except maybe the Wonderland family.

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I would put Morgan in but not Arthur for Finley.

In defence, the family bonus isn’t much… Especially for only 2 heroes.

It’s like most things. Don’t ruin team synergy for a slight buff… If your defence is killer, let it do the talking.

It’s always worth a try. I run 4 Atlantis family heroes and that with a 4* crit troop puts Ariel’s defense at 1100. If Gad fires her attack goes to 1275 for four turns. The others are 900s defense with the 15% buff.

Unfortunately you need the family members to get the family bonus :rofl:

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