Emblems: Is Kingston worth dissolving Atlantis family defense?

My emblemed heroes are as can be seen in the following image. So, Alby is my only one talanted nature hero. In my defense team, I am currently exploiting the Atlantis defense bonus by having Poseidon, Ursena and Ariel together (entire team is Alby, Poseidon, Ursena, Ariel, Gravemaker).

Since maxing Miki, I have striped my monk emblems from Tarlak, since his use is now limited to the blue titans. I am starting to feed my monk emblems to costumed Joon (over Drake), with a though in mind that such choice would make easier stripping my Poseidon in case if I decide so.
And now to the Poseidon itself. The only thing keeping me from reseting him is Atlantis family defense bonus. Meaning, Ursena tank with extra 10% armor. On the other hand, I have Kingston (and Panther next in line) in seemingly greater need for fighter emblems. Should I pull the trigger?

Imo you defense’s weakness is Ariel. Yes, the defense family bonus is nice but probably not too great after all.

Ideally, I’d go with this lineup: Kingston/Alby - GM - Ursena - Alice - Joon
I prefer Kingston for your green heroes tho. :slight_smile:

I would definitely keep this configuration for the war defense, where you face an undefined number of attacks.

But for the raid and raid defense, I would definitely change it. In these situations, you have to face a single attacker. The deadliest the best. I would get rid of passive heroes. Alice is your best wing in the first place, as any fast rogue in this game. A rogue best position is always the wing, since these heroes are mostly taken out with specials, not tile damage.

For raid tournaments you always have to change the defense anyway, but for your daily raid defense (and if you are one of the players who wanna stay 2600+), I would set something more aggressive, regardless the family bonus. And your deadliest defense is: Joon, Hel, GM, Kingston and Alice.

P.S. I don’t know what you meant with G.Panther, but she has no business in defense. She is exclusively offensive hero and she is effective only with another 2 purples, at least.

And yes, I would give the emblems to Kingston, not Posey… The King is a much better fighter. Yes, you will lose his place in AW defense (therefore 5% from the bonus), but is much better replacing him with costumed Joon. (though for one, I would have chosen Drake, for emblems).



That’s not my phone number. It’s Ariel at node 5 before troops or family bonus.

Assuming you keep 3 of the family, tack on your added 10% for 746-864.6-1296. Base.

Now add your troops. I’ve got 4* level 11 crit on her and that puts her at 935 base/troop + 93 family bonus for a total defense of 1,028.

746–1028–1296 isn’t too weak on defense, but I get that she’s not a sniper. Her cleanse and mana boost are worth a lot, and her heal is no joke.

If you ran Gad or some other attack buffer with her you can get her slash attack over 1100 for 4 turns.

1100-1028-1296 (assuming Gad fires) is a fun 4 turns.

You have the best family heroes with seriously good synergy and stats. Your team power might not reflect the family bonus, but you know it’s there. How many power points is 10% def boost on three or 15% on four? I don’t know.

It’s 5% for two and an additional 5% for each additional hero.

Thank you! That is more or less what I have thought and planned. I just wished for some independant confirmation to be sure I am not about to make a huge mistake that I would later be sorry about. Especially, since reseting at this point has too great costs in regards towards ham and iron spent - almost like tearing down a building. I have also put a temporary stop on embleming Joon since the costume hiatus in a hopes that SG will make possible choosing independant emblem pathways for both versions. I see this essential in case if they ever plan releasing multiple costumes per hero, otherwise, with the current mechanics, it would just make a mess.

Thank you! Yes, war defence is one of my biggest concerns. Also I am equally worried about putting Joon in tank position (we still use yellow tanks) as about losing Atlantis bonus, but, I guess, with costume and emblems he will not be much worse than Poseidon.
Tournament defense is not my focus at all when leveling or embleming heroes, I just use the best I have at my disposal.
Regarding Panther, I was not implying any plans on giving defensive role for her. She is just one of my most used offensive heroes (Panther-Hel-Seshat or Panther-Hel in 3:2 stacks) and I put at least equal weight on embleming my most used heroes rather than purely defensive ones. My current plan is to beef her armor up a bit after completeing an emblem tree on my first fighter.

With lvl23 mana troops:

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I love Kingston in attack. But in defense he is mediocre, imo. Zeline is much better… ironic that I thought Kingston would be one of the best flanks but in reality he is not good for defense team at all

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