Atlantis family defense bonus


So I have a fully leveled Proteus and I am about to ascend Ariel for her fourth ascension…
So here is what I am wondering. Would pairing them and possibly adding Gadeirus on a defense team be worth it to get the +10% defense buff? (I’m also considering pursuing Poseiden when he comes up again to add another 5% if I could ever pull him.)

Any thoughts? I know a lot depends on other heroes in my roster, but I guess I’m just wondering how much does the defense bonus really help.


Ariel and Proteus are great heroes and would do great in PvP havent leveled or faced Gadeirus in raids so dont know how is he
But i believe it will work fine


Hello. I got the full team. Ariel and posiedon on ascending level 4 and talent in protous, triton, and gaderius… just with the family bonus it allows me to compete in the diamond level. Very selective in the opponent. Triton is the weakest defense of all. If more emblem is added to the 4 star I think they can survive longer


I may have to try it out. That defense bonus is hard to resist.


duplicate heroes works , i am thinking to use Triton - Proteus - Gaderius - Proteus - Triton at *4 raid tournament.

for *5 , i am leaning to Eve - Ariel - Poseidon - Ariel - Kage ( yellow mono tank in my alliance )

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Oh didn’t think about duplicates. I have another proteus i could level…


Duplicates don’t work.


aw well there goes that idea for some quick defense lol


Triton>Gaderius>Poseidon >Ariel>Proteus. That would be a nasty defense in AW when field aid is in effect.


Duplicates doesnt work
It says unique hero and some reported a bug i believe long time ago that they weren’t getting the bonus but was solved by saying it needs to be different hero


ah good to know if it didnt work anymore , it was working , i dont notice if it fixed


Last 3 alliance war no one really attack my defense… which one should be the tank out of all 5…now ursena is out… which one is better tank?