Family bonus questions

Couldn’t find the answer. Does anyone know if dead heroes still contribute to family bonuses on both offense and defense?

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I imagine they do. The symbol doesn’t disappear when one dies.

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This is s good question. Logically it seems like ‘no’ but then again it is a passive ability so maybe ‘yes’? Worth testing.

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Yes their bonus is still in effect even if the hero dies. Tap and hold on any hero and you can see their current stats. Any bonuses / debuffs currently in effect will be above their baseline stat in green for a buff and red for a debuff. At the start of the match, you will see the Atlantis family bonus in green and it will be there throughout the raid.


Agree with @madmarv. Enough characters to party

Instead of opening a topic I’ll ask here.

With a family bonus, do they mix?

e.g Triton + Proteus + Gaderius in a team with Falcon + Gazelle

How would the bonus work out?

I’m guessing the first 3 get +15% defense and the second two get +5%?

The family bonuses do mix. No reason why they should not. I’ve seen it on defenses in raids, for instance, and have occasionally used it.

Exactly, Family Bonuses only apply to members of that Family.

Do any of the family bonuses really make a significant difference? I never pay attention to them.

It does and it should. That would be the smart thing to consider, exploiting everything in the game for your advantage.

+10% attack and +15% defense is a huge difference. It’s just hard to pull off because they’re all hard to get. But there are those…

Not my team, but one I had to fight when I found it. I did not win.

Wow. A +20 Snow White. Now I felt my SW is pretty weak with her +18. I wonder what the 19th node would be? The last 2 doesn’t really make a huge and significant impact for the hero.

Not to open a new thread in a similar topic but can’t find the specific answer I’m looking for so resurrecting this one…

Assuming that family bonuses apply even after one family hero dies as per the thread, can anyone confirm this also still applies if you are attacked a second time in war? for example your tank was killed but your flank who is of the same hero family as the tank still has the bonus for 2 heroes in a team applied?

I believe it does even in raid the bonus stays if a family member dies. so I would think the next time your attacked in war and family members are missing the bonus is still there.

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