How I can get Guinevere?

When she will be available?

Decembers event will be knigths of avalon. She will be there. So about 3 weeks from now.

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Thank you for your reply

Remember. You don’t get her. She gets you.

Hope so then :slight_smile: I need replace Delillah

You’ll have .33% chance to get her per pull so bring your wallet.

I let u know if I get her…

  • You need 12k $$ .
  • You must be lucky too.
  • You don’t wanna your wife/GF to be near when you pull to have a pretty gurl.

Delilah is more fun though…


And she is rare.
And hard to kill …
I hate her more than Guinny.

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I don’t like either. I avoid them most of the time.

Guin is a 1 trick pony. Delilah can be used in other situations.


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