Guinevere question

Is Guinevere going to be available to summon again? Kinda sucks that you can’t get heroes some people have. Lots of them are great to have

Yes, she’s one of the Knights of Avalon Heroes, so it’s possible to Summon her when that Challenge Event returns.

Worth noting: the odds are EXTREMELY low for a specific 5* Challenge Event Hero.

I highly recommend you set and stick to a moderate budget that you’d be fine spending with absolutely nothing to show for it. Even for very large budgets, that’s the most likely outcome of Summoning for a specific Challenge Event Hero.



20 wasted 10x pulls


The timing is hard to say, since we don’t know when Pirates will return.

I’ve been pretty lucky with event summons. I didn’t get the main hero but I get the secondary ones like Hansel and rumple

Guin might not be the tank of the future now that Seshat is here. I won’t pull in Avalon again until the new heroes are added.


Personally I seek out Guin tanks now with Seshat added to my purple mono (a lot of the time not even doing mono on her, going 4+1 instead). If tiles don’t get Guin soon enough, Ses will.

As @Texas1970 says, Guins time in the sun might’ve passed.

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Maybe, but way less people have Seshat than Guinevere.

Guin is easy when you have full choice of your entire roster

Face 15 to 20+ in wars, she’s still a pain


That is true. However an increasing amount of people have found strategies to handle Guin, and apart from Seshat there are other great purple heroes that have been re-featured recently (Hel, Kage).

It’ll add up soon imo. I don’t know if I’m hallucinating, but nowadays when raiding the teams with Guin tanks don’t appear to hold as many cups as they used to.

I have three Seshat. One fully maxed with emblems and two that will be at 3/70. Guin isn’t the problem she once was that’s for sure

Or a mix of Delilah and Gwen’s.

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I have three seshats

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Good on ya! Forget about chasing Guin in the pricey portal then; go out and chase her in raids :).

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