How fast can very fast be?

So, I have Ariel who gives +24% mana generation to her allies. When Ariels skill is activated I can load fast heroes (with manatroops 14 or higher) shooting 3 tiles to emptiness.

I have recently got two very fast legendary heroes (Kageburado and Malosi). Is there somewhere calculations how fast can they be with or without Ariel?

Without Ariel:

  • no mana troops - 7 tiles (4 tiles ghosted)
  • mana troops - 6 tiles (3 tiles ghosted)

With Ariel:

  • no mana troops - 7/1.24 = 6 tiles (3 ghosted)
  • mana troops - 6/1.24 = 5 tiles (3 ghosted)

So for Very Fast to get down to 5 tiles need a total of 30% mana boost which can only happen in the presence of a Mana boosting hero special (such as Ariel).

You would need Ariel + a level 5 (or above) mana troop… But you’ll likely have a level 11 equipped already to get to the 6 tile breakpoint.


Basically, for Very Fast 9% mana speed up is enough. One would have to create a diamond most of time to profit from reduction to 5 tiles or explode shield to destroy 1/2 extra tiles and one extra 4/3 match respectively, and that isn’t going to happen that frequently. Btw I like my Victor charging with 6 tiles or ghosting 3 tiles - makes endgame much faster.


Thank you all @MirkoChan, @Guvnor and @Nightmare2048 just the information I was looking for.

Basically there is no difference between fast and very fast with Ariel. I thought so, but it’s good to see numbers.

Or ghost 2 tiles with the third one in the match 3 hitting an enemy.

Happens more often than you’d care for it to happen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just to clarify, Very Fast is 6.5 tiles, not 7.

While that doesn’t matter for the base amount, as it’ll still require 7 tiles to charge in practice, it does matter for all calculations of Mana Troops, Mana bonuses from the Talent Grid, and Mana status effects.

Those are covered in the post @Guvnor shared.