Fighter Emblem path (mana bonus or crit boost)

Im sure this could apply to any class emblems but getting closer to +19 fighter node. With mana troops of lev23 is it better to go the route of mana bonus or crit boost. With costumes, emblem mana boost, or hero boost (4% mana regeneration) or even Alby, Ariel, Sif is it possible now to get a fast legendary hero such as joon or magni to 6 tiles to fire. Not a math guru and I know you all are :slight_smile:

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Cannot find the original thread, but I think there is no problem to share this table, which is very helpful for me.

With lvl17 mana troop and node 19 your boldtusk will only need 9 instead of 10 hitting tiles. Without node 19 you will need lvl23 troops for the same bonus.
9 is very close to fast (8 tiles), in both cases you need 3 matches of 3 tiles.
With the costume bonus (5%) lvl 5 troops work, too


Worth noting that that table is missing:

  • Costume Bonus
  • Special Skills which affect mana regeneration
  • Elemental Link

Just something to keep in mind:

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