Which heroes Should get emblems?

Hi all.

To be clear: I’m interested in tournaments, alliance war And events. So please give me an advice which hero could be better used emblemed in these categories. If I should wait for better heroes, please mention also these.

Barbarian(750 emblems): Malosi, Miki or Grimm
Druid (710 emblems): Melendor(already have 5 emblems), gullinbursti or Caedmon(still level 3.60)
Fighter(813 emblems): Magni (already have 4 emblems), Boldtusk, Elena w costume(level 3.70)
Monk(918 emblems): Li Xiu, Wu Kong,
Ranger(649 emblems) : Bai Yeong, Tibirtus
Wizard(768): Kiril, Kashhrek, Fura,


The ones I would prioritize are Guillinbursti, Boldtusk, Kiril. You get a lot more bang for the buck and if you get the costume for BT and Kiril you will hit 5* stats. They are all great healers and increasing their survivability would be big.

Barbarian: Probably Malosi, but people love Grimm. If your roster is well developed, Malosi.

Druid: Gullinbursti. He’s pretty powerful when combined with Wilbur and an attack booster.

Fighter: All three are good options. I’d go BT if you need a tank. Magni if you need the offense. C. Elena if you’ve got weak reds.

Monk: Li Xiu. Wu is too niche but I still put him up to node 9. Miki also makes Wu less useful.

Ranger: If you didn’t go Grimm on Barbarian, Tibs is a great pulverized and his costume is legit.

Wizard: Kiril. Even without costume he’s steady.

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As for emblems…you should use them until you have better options to move them to. That used to be harder to do but now the costs of resetting and building heroes with emblems is much cheaper. You also get more food/silver back when stripping.

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