How far into a 3 star and four star talent grid would 183 emblems be?

Title says all. I am asking because I finally got Mnesseus fully levels and ascended. I know I am not getting Rigard anytime soon so I am giving Mnesseus the Cleric buffet since I will be using him a lot. I ask about the four star grid because my monk emblems are gonna be going towards Li Xiu. I use her a bunch for color stacking.

I find this tool to be very useful for this and many other talent related questions. You can get the answer to this question, but I think you’ll also get a lot of other useful stuff from it.

That said, 18 nodes for a three star, 7 for a four star.

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A 3* would get to +18 with 15 emblems left over.

A 4* would get to +7 with 33 emblems left over.


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@DaveCozy Thank you for the topic link. @IvyTheTerrible Thank you for the spreadsheet link. Both helped me figure out how many emblems my heroes need. :grin:🖒:metal:

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