Talent Grid, Tyrum

So I unlocked Talent grid for the first time, with Tyrum. I have quite a bit of emblems and a reset emblem, should I give him emblems for now until I get my 4 and 5 star heroes at the point of unlocking their grids? I have a ways to go the next person will be Xi Liu she’s at 4/1 and my other 4 and 5 star heroes are at 3/60…

Should I wait or start with him so I can see how they work?

Yes, do it.
Rares don’t need many emblems.
I wouldn’t go further than 4 or 5.

I try to bring almost every maxed hero to at least 4 and some key heroes to max talent or at least 18.


Okay thank you, I have Joon/Seshat/Lianna at 2/60 waiting the ascension materials, Mitsuko/Isarnia/Seshat highly leveled in the 3rd tier but we know those materials will take forever lol, then I have Grimm/Boldtusk/Caedmon/Melendor/Hansel all at 3/60 so it’s gonna take at least one more ascension before I can even level to max, so I was hoping someone would advise me to start on Tyrum :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch

I agree a bit with @Olmor but I prefer to go to level 7. It gets you 3 levels of their new ability.

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I have my Tyrum at node 11 and I am going for defense primarily because I want him as a tanky fairly fast debuffer striker for the 3 star tourneys. Pairing him with Gill-Ra for my defense team in the current tournament has been working out for me. I do plan on taking him to the full 20. Just have to ration out the emblems now that I pulled Sonya from July’s Atlantis summon.

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