Please help me with training camp strategy!

I could use some advice around strategies to keep my training camps running optimally. I’ve been playing about 6 months and my 1st TC20 will finish researching tomorrow. The rest are all at level 11. I used to have 3x TC11 running all the time; one had up to 13 days stockpiled at one time. I’d always keep one low so I could switch it to backpack/sword training and then back again.

Here’s my issue: even though I play daily (filling at least one raid & monster chest each per day, and try not to let my world energy sit at full for too long), those numbers are dwindling. My fullest TC11 is only at two days and the other two are in hours. Do I need to be farming specifically for recruits? I farm 8-7 and 16-9 sometimes but lately have been spending more WE playing the Atlantis levels on hard. It seems like those give a lot of recruits (usually 15-18) but maybe the WE/recruit ratio is lower than it seems like.

I’m worried that won’t be able to produce enough recruits to keep TC20 and 3x TC11/1/2 running, and that’s the goal I’ve been working towards. Am I missing something?

I run 2 TC20, 1 TC11 and the 3rd rotates between TC1,2 and 19 depending on materials. For the first while I focused only on getting the TC20s stocked with 2-3 trainings each. Then stockpiled 24hrs worth into TC11 When I know I’m offline for a while I stock the last one with 6-8 hours worth. The only time I have issues is if there’s events I gave not completed running. I save WE Flasks for these occasions when I can.

To keep this running I usually only farm for recruits. I don’t tend to use a lot of battle items so 8-7 usually trickles enough to keep enough mama pots and tornadoes for rare titans and explosive devices for when I have to occasionally carpet bomb bosses.

There’s probably more efficient ways out there but this has worked for me for a long while.


Thanks for replying! So it sounds like 8-7 is the way to go for recruit farming. I’ll do more of that to build them back up.

I’ve read threads about recruits/training strategy where folks have massive amounts stockpiled… just not sure how they are getting there. I mostly understand the banking and pulling out strategies, it’s just the basic input that seems so scarce for me right now!

The only way I’ve found to stockpile like crazy is either A. Don’t level anyone. Yeah right. Or spend on WE flasks. I’m C2P so not happening either.

Ha, yeah I’m in the same boat as C2P also. I have maybe 10 WE flasks that I save for challenges, elemental chests, or the like but I don’t drink them willy nilly.

How would not leveling help stockpile recruits though? Not that I would do such a thing either! But leveling uses the output, not the input. (Ok well ham is an input for both, but that’s never my limiting factor.)

Whatever @Ride4Life said :wink:

i am C2P and didnt do TC20 at all , all my TC is 19 at max

My strategy :

  • 1 TC-11 as Recruit stockpile all the time
  • 2 TC-11 as temporary if i didnt reset WR
  • 1 TC-1/2/19 depend on mats

i played for 6 months and my budget for this game are $200 a month (about 20k gem++ from epic offer) , always burned it for Pull. after 3rd months i realized that Pull is not everything , Feeder is more important to boots your progress and increase your bench for AW. i started to split my Gem around 10k for Reset WE every months. by burn 10k Gem in S2-1-8-Hard i managed to get 1000 backpack which is 20 days worth of TC-2 which is worth 1 full asc *5.

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That’s an interesting strategy! So with S2-1-8 hard did you get enough recruits to go with all those backpacks? Also, I’m curious why do you choose not to run TC20?

got many *5 in queue to feed + no mats for them , no point to run TC-20 for now.

i got 36 WE right now , did 3xS2-1-8-Hard and 2xS1-8-7 for every refill , it gave me surplus of Recruit with those used backpacks (about 11-18 backpacks every refill) , well i just burned my gem from 11k to 8k for reset WE , it gave me surplus of Recruit in TC11 from 35 days queue to 95 days right now.

Oh that makes sense. I didn’t get a 5* til recently and just have the one (and leveling her is really a lot!!). So I was able to max a bunch of 3* and then a number of 4*. Hoping the TC20 helps me round out my roster and grants me an occasional superstar.

I like your method, though it’s outside my budget. But I will definitely try S2-1-8 hard as a farming level!

For recruits:

Grind S1-8-7 if you have time.

If not, S2-15-8 hard mode with tickets.

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How many recruits would you say S2-15-8 hard gives? It costs 12WE, same as 4x 8-7, which gave me 35 recruits earlier.

And thanks, all of you, for the tips! I appreciate it.

S2-15-8Hard is good for Recruit but not for backpack

Give or take almost the same per flag.

Only thing you save is time using tickets for S2-15-8 is that you dont need to waste time to grind. To play S2-15-8 on hard mode is no joke. It takes a fair bit of time so just win it once and use tickets on it when you dont have time to grind.

Oh heck yeah. I’ve been working through Atlantis on hard and I’m through province 10 so far. They’re getting pretty tough! I’m somehow rich in loot tickets so that’s not a problem.

Oh. It will be. It will be. I just hit a wall that I’m jyst going to run my 2x TC20 and only run 2 tc13s to let my ham catch up.

S2-15-8 hard is good.

But if you don’t have hard mode unlocked there then S2-15-9 normal is also very good for recruits according to Barry’s favourite farming.

I haven’t experienced that yes, but if you say it, I believe it. The game seems to go in stages being constrained by one resource or another. I guess I’ll have a reason to level my ham mills past the mid-teens, eventually!

Oh and one more question for you all on the topic of farming enough recruits to keep your training camps running - do you end up having to farm levels while still waiting for a monster chest to recharge or reach the end of its wait period? I usually accelerate the chest with gems so the monsters I kill are filling it, but now that I’m more focused on maximizing recruits, I’m finding myself having WE to use but a chest that’s recharging and has a wait time before I can even accelerate with gems. It feels like a waste of monsters, but I guess as long as I’ll reach full WE before I can fill the chest again, it isn’t really.

Depends on my gem goals as to whether I accelerate chests or not. If I don’t want to accelerate them then I’m farming away while timer runs down. I still usually do 2 a day

Upgrade your ham. You will need it.

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