Upgrading heroe academy; but troops are in progress

I did not upgrade the heroe academy to the max. I immediately start building 2* and 3* troops. But now I would like to max this building. I would have to wait 265 days for the 3* troops and 40 days for the 2* troops until they are all built. How would you switch the iron / recruits? Any ideas?

You can start pulling out the troops out the queue. You’ll need to find elsewhere to use the iron/recruits you are getting back though

While iron can be dumped on any of your forges and hunter’s lodge, utilizing the surplus iron can only be possible if you have tons of food (so that you can dump those recruits to TC20). Otherwise, either iron or recruits, or a significant amount of both of them are going to be lost.

Using TC11 is better as it costs 50k food per 100 recruits (compared to 297k on TC20) if low on food. Depending on what I need to get rid of I use once TC for 11 and other for 20. The downside is that storing something in TC11 takes looooooong time.

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You can “destroy” recruits too if you have an advanced house:

I’ve read that. Luckily, I won’t and will not have to subscribe to it and save me my recruits.

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