How many recruits are too many to hoard?

I’ve been farming a long time and I’ve built up a lot of recruits since to me efficient farming means maximizing recruits while farming for whatever else I’m farming for (mostly backpacks these days)

I’ve been farming Atlantis Rises HARD, buying deals with loot tickets and WE refills plus sometimes extra refills during AR to autofarm, and the ever since AR came out I’ve had between one and three TC2s running non-stop. My biggest limiting factor is ham – I’m currently only runing one TC2 so I can catch up on my feeder troops, and I’d craft more mana pots if I had the ham too.

If I had tons more ham, I could use all my rugged clothes and eat ~60% of my recruit surplus, and if I had even more tons of ham, I could start using swords until I ran out, and I’d still have most of my swords leftover.

But if my recruit bank isn’t going down, it goes up every month – I don’t have the ham to use it this way, and it is holding 20M hams right now that I can’t get out, and I’d love to use it all leveling up troops, or at least stop putting more ham in behind it.

I’m starting to think it is time to stop adding to this queue. I know I’m not the worst resource hoarder in this game, 'tho I might be close. @Gryphonknight, you are the biggest hoarding advocate I know; what do you think?


You could always use 500k gems and just skip the training :wink:


Send me a gift card and I’m on it, @Randy!


A tell tale of overdose E&P. You need to slow down. Take each gaming day as it comes and enjoying life out there.
The sunny Carribean beach or the tropical climate probably offer better consolation over the lose of cups, those skipped titans and wars.

Btw, I have put most of my recruits into tc20 hoping they will turn into a Joon or a Sartana someday.


LOL wow. Yeah, you’re hardcore.

I know the game doesn’t allow trading, but if it did, I’d be willing to send some hams your way in exchange for recruits. Not that I’m running low on recruits - I have enough to keep two TC20s and a TC11 running, but it wouldn’t hurt me to add a few more days worth to each.


Recruit banking

AR and Advanced House Level 9 are game changers.

So I see the following options:

Stop banking recruits

Stop banking recruits.

Gryphonkit, my wife, refuses to hoard recruits, or food, so she often loses recruits during AR. And she still gets lots of AR loot from ingredients to ascension items to iron.

20 m food!

20 m food is a not insignificant.

Yes, you can recover 5 m food of it by shuffling from Extra Low cost ( RT11 ) to Low Cost ( RT04 ). But for that to be a good idea, you have to be really really desperate for food.

20 m food?

Theoretically you can buy food for gems. Though the prices are crazy.

You can get food by rushing chests.

You can get food by maximizing food storage and opening Diamond chests.

You cannot buy recruits.

Hero Academy

Hero Academy is a huge unknown.

All recruit training sucks ( RT01 to RT 20 ). Empires shop and summons portal hints at this. Puzzle Combat proves this is deliberate. This game economy is designed to encourage gems summons ( working on a draft with lastest recruit training data ).

I expect Hero Academy to seriously suck.

Good, Fast, Cheat, pick NONE.

Given the fact that Hero Academy is a Stronghold 25+ Level 10 building, and Lodge / Lab requiring maximum buildings ( a trend I strongly dislike), I would not be surprised if Level 10 of Academy requires 3x Houses Level 20 and 1x Advanced House Level 10 or 350 recruits and 3.5 days per training and you can run 3x training at once for 300 recruits per day.

So continuing to hoard recruits until it’s live server release may be an option.

:notes: I would hoard 10,000 recruits, and I would hoard 10,000 more just to be the man with 20,000 recruits :notes:

Because training camp, and farms, are rigged, just collect recruits for getting free beer from newbies.

Someone has to have most recruits in your alliance, why not you?


How many backpacks/adventuresrs-kits you have… i bet you always run low on. That is for reason…

I have a similar situation. High TC 11 pile (recruits and food bound), no Kits, high swords…

Here’s it:

TC 1 and 3 only use food and swords, so in case you dont need food for building your mines or watchtower AND have no kits/backpacks… this is the way to go to reduce your swords and TC 11 stockpile :wink: … just shift it to TC 1… level up some heroes, with the result… and still have a few days TC 11 left, hundreds of swords spent.

TC 3 is very costly and ultra fast, while TC 1 still is very fast and lot cheaper, just high on recruits, but you have 20k recruits and 10M food inside your TC 11, if i see it right.

I realise that finally at a sword stockpile of 3000 swords… going to take me some weeks.
You definetly have a task now :smiley:

Yep, swords I’ve got, food I don’t. It goes to feeding heroes first, crafting mana and harpoons I need for titan battles second, hero emblem use third, feeding troops fourth, and I’d probably craft extra mana ahead for later fifth if I could…I haven’t used TC1 for months.


Edit: Uhm, 10,000 trainings in TC11 IS 20,000 recruits…

:heart: I love you, Gryphonknight!!!

The idea that I might want to use these recruits for something in the hero academy is the best reason I can think of to consider adding to my surplus.

But your (cynical but sadly not unlikely) projection on the hero academy didn’t include the 2M ham per day cost which will stop me from moving pretty much any of my recruits out of TC11 and into it…


Waiting for Godotmaker

Depending on what 5* heroes users can get out of Academy ( looking at you Athena, Gravemaker, Alasie, etc. ) some players would pay 2.5 m food per day.

Last item in Pandora’s box

After many years of merciless RNG, I actually understand players running 4x Legendary training ( 594 k food per day and 200 recruits per day ). One account has built my entire End game strategy based on a lucky blue 5* Frida summons that I originally did not want. Yes, yes elemental defense down, and dispel, but I like healers. The Dev buffed blue 4* Valeria is insanely helpful ( anti healing, stackable unique DOT, very fast sniper ). I might have to get her to 4*+20 . I will be chasing a second Valeria.

Farming for food

With an insanely large recruit bank, you could concentrate on farming for food.

Can anyone auto play 2:27-8H (Also S2:27-1~9H) for food?

What else do these stages reward? Argh. Spreadsheet for individual farm levels is … finicky … on smartphone.

Broken Dreams

You are not wrong.

Many players needed recruits before AR. AR and Advanced house are very helpful for breaking the recruit bottle neck ( Yay Devs ). Though a Stronghold level 10 way to produce recruits ( instead of, or in addition to, the current Stronghold level 20 way ) would have been nicer.

I am hoping Hero Academy produces 3* / 4* troops using iron and recruits.

But my hope that Lab would produce gems and emblems was crushed. So more likely Hero Academy will require food, non farmable 3* ascension items and recruits.

On a serious note, I recently stopped storing recruits in favor of storing ham. I store recruits when I need or don’t have the ham.


I stopped storing recruits a while ago. The Atlantis changed everything.



You surely have the record. At least from what I’ve seen.

I’m purely guessing here but…
Currently in high-level gaming with maxed advanced house I find it extremaly difficult to lack recruits.
And the only potential recruit sink in sight is yet-unknown hero academy.

So the question comes down to whether devs decide to make recruits important again.
I’m c2p, so I don’t reach crazy numbers, but I’m personally aiming to keep ~20k stashed recruits just in case (10k in tc11, 10k in tc20).

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Just go for TC 1
Trains a 1* heroe that feeds 180 XP and has only food cost of 1600.

If you think that it is not worth it, because TC 11 only cost 1000 found, you have to consider the time factor.

The stockipiling of such masses of trainings - because your TCs are unable to do that high efficiency in appropriate time - makes all that ressources beeing inaccessible… and that means you loose progress compared to someone who spends up all the stuff from every monthes AR to the next AR using the TC1 to reduce swords and recruits and food stockpile so TC2/11-combo runs out of stuff when the next AR just begin, when you can stockpile them again.

You need TC1… because when you not do that, you come to the bad idea to use TC3 to get them spend, and that is even MORE bad efficiency, again, TC 1 isn’t that bad… when i transfer from TC11 to TC1 i get a plus on food, because it is higher on recruits than TC11… so you easily can completely turn them over, or reduce them by what you like and make 1*heroes and some food available… just try it.

Or just wait and let me skyrocket, while you wait for whatever the Academy does.

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Well @BarryWuzHere, you are smoking me with recruit hoarding but I have you beat by a couple thousand in Rugged Clothing

I’d rather spend on faster TC or another with different food/recruit ratio. You could even switch between TC4 and TC 11 in order to get food from the TC without any mats.

If you need heroes to level go TC1. If need the food go for tc4

I’m going to revisit the math on using TC1 and my feeding strategy.

The ham cost of feeding 5* heroes is much higher, and remember that my game is ham limited. To manage that I feed 1* feeders to the few 4* and 3* heroes I’m vaguely interested in leveling up, and the 2* and higher value feeders to my 5* heroes.

To take advantage of the extra 1* feeders with the heroes I care about—5* heroes, I have to consider the impact of the higher ham costs. (A single feeder costs the same ham, but a 2* gives a lot more XP so fewer of them and thus less ham is required)


I have the same high recruit hoarding in the thousands, currently about 7 to 8000 stored.

Once a month or so I will load up tc19 with 2 to 3000 recruits and speed feed a 5* hero or a couple 4*s.

I worked out that it takes around 4000 recruits in tc19 to max a 5* give or take a few so I maje good use of that when a get a new hotm or 5* I want to use sooner rather than later.

20k recruits at tc 11 eat 100kk food.

20k recruits at tc 4 eat 80kk food.

You would have 20 million food available. I don’t know if it’s worth the time required for the flip. I found it very useful at low levels (When I only had 1 TC11)

No food nor recruit are spent till the hero pops out. The problem could be getting stuck in TC4 due to lack of food to switch back to TC11. But you can find always find other spots to farm more food balanced.

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