Wu Kong on 11*titans

Are any of the high end players stil using WU KONG on 11*star titans fight? is very hard to keep im alive when you do not have items to avoid damage.

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Yes, but I use items.
I don’t see any 4* surviving anything 10* and above to do suitable damage without items. Thankfully there are a bunch of different ways.

Most don’t use him on 11*+
Gregorion will be a good alternative as he will have the crit boost ares has. Or you can take Boldtusk etc the slightly tankier 4* heroes that boost dmg.

Everyone still use Wu on 11 and 12* titans

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Ya. Not what I heard in the pvp chat with the top players. He’s too squishy for it. Ares, or now gregorion will be better. He’s only used as the poor man’s ares.

Ares can’t give you what Wu Kong gives and there is some ways to protect Wu Kong from being one shot…

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lol then you really aren’t that experienced. Ares is the best tank in the game which means he will definitely outlast Wu or any other hero on titans, on top of that the crit chance being boosted means a reliable healer with a chance of double damage and his power is quite high also. compare that with a squishy hero that doesn’t do anything beside give you a chance at high damage, but more likely you’ll miss a lot and even then assuming he survives past 1 hit from titan. Sure, items can counter titan killing him but then you’re wasting a ton of resources just to keep him alive. Gregorion is a good alt now to Wu

I will continue doing my 60k damage to 11* titans then…

And you are right, I’m not experienced…


We are usually a top ten alliance and I can tell you Wu is in the lineup for every Titan, including 11s. Mana him up right away or use timestops to keep him alive. Either way he’s a must have for big scores.

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If you arent using wu kong on every titan hit, youre doing yourself a disservice.

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Sorry Jax, you’re not experienced :joy:

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I never go to a titan fight without Wu Kong…even the yellow titans and even 10-, 11-, and 12-star titans.

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I fear that I’ll leave it at home only when there will be a yellow rare titan :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy bout to pair Greg and Ares and telling people they’re inexperienced :joy:


or you could learn to read…Greg is an alt for Ares as they both have the same skill not to pair…

WuKong is always a viable option.
Ares and Greg dont stack.
Greg+Bold = “Super Ares”

That about sums and covers it.
@Rook you can close this thread, not much more to say on the subject.

No one said they stack.

I think the topic is not fully exhausted. Just a minute…

Such as? Examples please, for the readers who don’t yet know? :wink:

On 11* titans we have to reduce the titan attack in about 40% to Wu not being one shot…

Banners of turtle, axes/bombs are a way…

The other is using timestops…

The cost/benefits are other subject!!!

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