Holy orbs I need help

I currently have 9 orbs, 1 set of darts for ascension items. My question is do I level the lady and mist who are both celeric class and I have just under 500 emblems or do I bring malosi and sir roosterly to 3-70 and wait to collect items… or should I do one 4* and one 5* like mist and sir roosterly
Holy hero’s
Jackal +20
Joon +6
Neith *6
Gazaelle +5
Wu Kong +5

Go with Lady and Mist, they are both great. Orbs will came with darts for your 5*


I vote mist :slight_smile:

Great in a yellow stack. Then I’d do Woolerton next.

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definitly mist until you get 5 darts you get 8 additional orbs easily. if you are not go ing to use sir roostley as tank i would go with malosi first.

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Lady wool paired with gazelle is pretty awesome. Tried that combo for my first time in war.

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Mist first, excellent and versatile hero.

Woolerton is limited, but she should work okay with Gazelle.

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You can NOT go wrong with those two. Start Mist then Wooly. Beautiful yellow 4 stars.


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