Cleric Emblems: Woolerton or Mist

So many Clerics, so few emblems.
My Cleric List:

  • Vivicia +3
  • Elkanen
  • Boril
  • Rigard +19
  • Agwe
  • Woolerton +9
  • Mist
  • Hawkmoon+©+18
  • Kailani
  • Mnesseus+18

Mist is my latest Cleric draw and I wonder if it’s worth redistribution some embs.
The 3*s Hawk and Mnesseus are still useful for Tournaments and Events, but I don’t use them outside of that. Then again, resetting them wouldn’t put a lot of nodes on 4 or 5 *s.
I think I’ll leave Rigard alone. He’s now just a backup for war, but still useful for Trials and I’ll only regret it If I get his costume too.
Currently I’m giving the embs to Woolerton. She replaced Rigard in wars, but I don’t use her in Trials. As the only fast and only yellow healer in my roster she’s pretty unique.
I stopped raising Vivicia when I got Wooler, but haven’t had the heart yet to reset her. I don’t use her outside of wars, tounaments and Pirate Event either.

So the current questions:

  • Should I stop putting embs on Wooler and save them for Mist?
  • Should I reset anyone to raise either Woolerton or Mist faster?

I put them on Mist first because Wooly is sturdier from the start. I have her on +11 now. Both are on my mono holy team (along with Poseidon +9, Guin, Jackal +19)

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Woolerton really benefits from the Talent though, since it can prevent the backlash from her special

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I would reset Woolerton for Mist but it’s also true that I don’t know how many 4* and 5* healers you have for wars :slight_smile:

My main 4* healer is Rigard, I have three copies of him.

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That’s tough. I really like them both.

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They are both great heroes who are worthy of emblems.

I find that when my healers are very strong, the rest of the team works better. I say keep them on Woolerton.


Since Poseidon blocks negative mana effects you have a great synergy with Woolerton.

My thought is there are a lot of 4 star healers (granted none fast but Brynhild). Mist’s special move defense down is huge when using snipers after her.

If you have Vivica as a yellow healer, there is no question to put them on Mist.

If you dont have Vivica, it gets a little tougher…I have a few emblems on Woolerton right now, but also plan on getting Chao out of my yellow mono after maxing Mist, and then I will be in the same position.

I think for my yellow mono, Mist will offer more upside than Woolerton, but I wont take emblems off the sheep. Will most likely just leave them on and put the emblems i obtain from here on out on Mist.

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Lady W is pretty sturdy even without emblems, but the Cleric talent benefits her greatly (I have her at +15). Still, two turns is pretty short, and while the talent kicking in is great, I can often work around the 2-turn limit.

I don’t know that I would reset Lady W for Mist, but I do think +9 is a good stopping point for her already.

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I would go with Mist


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