Lady Woolerton or Hansel. Who gets the emblems?

The question is as in the title. I’m currently levelling lady sheep as I lack in hollies and another healer is always welcomed, not to mention mana shield is super useful for her. But today I got Hansel which I hear is one of the best green four stars in the game (my maxed greens are Telly, Brynhild, cMel and LJ). So who gets the emblems? I have no other cleric maxed and I have about 400 cleric emblems now. Maybe it would be better to split?

who are your other Yellows?

Do you color-stack on offense?

What are your priorities?

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I don’t know what other Yellows you have, do you have any healer at all in that color?

With Hansel, he gives you a fast single-target hitter (which you lack now), though Telly and LJ do have some mana control/slow.

I would say split - but prioritize Lady Woolerton, as the mana shield has a greater importance for her (preventing negative effects of her special). Maybe get her to +7 (then you get 3/5 or 21% chance for the skill). Then give Hansel a few to buff him up, then go back to Lady W…

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My other yellows are maxed Onatel and Wu Kong, Neith at 3/70 and not leveled Danzaburo and Hu Tao. I have no other yellow healers and I stack 3-1-1 for raids. My priorities are to deepen my war roster and to stay in low diamond. And yes, I lack snipers, I have mostly tanks/healers but still, LW with mana shield would be powerful.

cool. my advice stays the same then, I think +7 is a good stopping point for Lady W, give a few to Hansel, then go back to Lady W. Both will increase your war depth a lot and both are amazing on raid offense.

Lady W at +15 is amazing, her skill activates so often for me.

OK, I don’t have direct experience with Hansel YET, as I just got him, but he will fill a niche in my Green team (only have Caedmon as a fast sniper so far… and Gregorion as average)

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I would highly recommend Hansel. Your green stack really is limited in terms of fast hitters. I use Hansel regularly in diamond raids and in offense during war. He is one of the few 4* I would even recommend levelling duplicates of and is great to use in tournaments.

Also, it is nice to have Hansel for emblem quests involving clerics. Cleric hitters tend to be less common.

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I have Caedmon too but on 1/1 and I don’t feel like working on him in the nearest future

I have and use both frequently and would favor Hansel. Mostly it’s about the stats boost for him. Maxed without emblems he has 601 defense and 1064 HP - that’s…not great. He’s extremely susceptible to getting sniped out. In the situations I’m using him - war, raids against emblemed five stars, and the tournament - he’s often a key hero. Losing him makes winning the raid much harder and sometimes leads directly to a loss.

I like Lady Woolerton a lot, but maxed without emblems has 667 defense and 1217 HP. That makes her way more likely to survive, even at +0, than Hansel. Personally, I find it pretty easy to work around her two turn mana lock, so I don’t really need the Manashield protection. Again, we’re talking about war, raids against emblemed five stars, and tournaments - she’s holding up just fine without any and my policy in those cases is to try to get by not giving any and leveraging them elsewhere.

I don’t think she’s a bad choice by any means, and it’s very possible you should consider taking one hero to +6 or something and then feed the other a bit too. How much to diversify your emblems really depends on your roster management approach.


Both are stellar heroes and deserve emblems imo.

Hard to say who takes precedence without seeing your roster and knowing your play style.