Fatal 4 way yellow match

  • Danzaburo
  • Gretel
  • Lady Woolerton
  • Mist

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Already have season 1 4* yellows and I’m beginning Jackal so this is kinda farsighted but I just wanted an idea what the masses thought.

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Mist, at least for me she’s an easy choice.

She has Little John’s mana delay, to 3 targets at fast speed (!) and her SS defense down stacks with Jackal to further increase your damage output.


Lambchop for me

A fast mana heal that can buy viv time to heal even further


Mist easily here for me. Gretel probably second as that skill is awesome. Woolerton 3rd because yellow and fast healers are rare. Danza dead last…not worth leveling.


See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I picked Mist for the same reasons as @DaveCozy

Lady Woolerton is enticing due to her niche of only 4* Holy Healer; if I had her and saw how she operated in actual I may possibly sing a different tune.


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